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Can You Lose Weight On Abilify?

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Hi. I am a compulsive over-eater who finally settled into a healthier way of eating. I take 20mg Abilify and 20mg Prozac. My diet involves calorie restriction without counting. I also use portion moderation. I'm going back to Weight Watchers soon. I am also starting to walk 2 miles everyday but not consistently. I'm taking Abilify because I've had elements of Schizoaffective in the past and even though the doctor isn't sure if I have it or not I still take it as a precautionary measure. My question is: Can I lose weight on Abilify? My starting weight was 297lbs and I'm 5'5. I've been on my diet for three weeks and I don't think I've been consistent enough- it shows! I haven't lost a pound since my initial 7 lb loss the first week! I'm down to 290lbs though and thats still quite a relief.

Does anyone here have any experience with weight loss and Abilify?

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I had been on Zyprexa and gained lots of weight. I then switched to Abilify and managed to lose the weight I had gained on Zyprexa. Everyone is different. A lot of people find Abilify weight neutral, however there are also many people who gain weight on it. In my case I gained weight on Zyprexa, Risperdal and Seroquel but not on Abilify where I lost weight.

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It is possible. Metformin is something you could try, as is a low-carb diet.

Also, portion control without counting calories can fail because you may be getting in extra calories other ways than just how much of each thing you're eating. If you've eaten badly for a long time, WW or something where you keep diligent track of what you eat is going to work better.

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I've lost 40lbs on Abilify, but it's been hard.

I did it with low-cab, low calorie eating.

Right now, I'm maintaining, with in a 5 lb range, eating almost "normal". But I'm still overweight by 15-20 lbs.

Low carb may just be the way I have to live, since I like how Abilify cleared my head.

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I'm not on Abilify, I'm on Seroquel, but I've lost 123 pounds in the last 6 months. I admit it's not through the healthiest means (which is why I'm perusing this bit of the board) but it is possible, and if you're shooting for a more steady weight loss, it should be do-able.

If you struggle with increased appetite, you might find Slimming World easier than Weight Watchers - it's a great diet but gives you unlimited amounts of some foods, so you don't have to go hungry. If you feel you have a portion control problem which you want to address, WW is more the way to go. Either are great lifestyles, I've seen more patients get more results with those two than any other way, and yes, I'm including bariatric surgery in that.

If you're overeating as a response to stressors, you may need to work through in therapy alternate ways to deal with those feelings, otherwise they'll come out in something else.

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For me, Abilify has been pretty much weight neutral. I have been on it two years. Everyone reacts to meds differently though. I have been gaining weight lately but I'm not sure what to attribute that too. I don't think it's the Abilify after all this time.

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    • By inconsequinntial
      I started Abilify 2mg on Monday to try as an adjunct treatment to Wellbutrin XL 450mg. Since Monday night, I have had a headache that has not stopped, although it seems to be at it's worst maybe 6-10 hours after I've taken my meds. 
      It only occurred to me today that my headache might be a side effect of Abilify and I wanted to hear if anyone had similar experiences or not, and if you did if it cleared up or not
      Edit to add: I've also been experiencing intense nausea, with fits of gagging and retching and I did throw up a little on Tuesday night, and a complete lack of appetite as well the last few days.
    • By Cyclingsarah
      About to go off abilify. Went from 2.5 mg - 1.25 mg 5 days ago.
      since yesterday anxiety, agitation and akathisia has gone through the roof. My intire body tingles, burns etc. And it feels like i’m about to explode. Just can’t relax.
      I was only on the drug for 4 weeks.
      Any ideas how long this is going to last?? And has anyone experienced this as well?
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      Which makes you feel more flat? Antipsychotics or lithium? 
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      My husband takes 1200 mg lithium carbonate, abilify, Xanax, antidepressants, three blood pressure meds, and few others for acid reflux and he drinks alcohol. Over the counter sleep aids too. He was smoking marijuana every 2-3 hours before starting the abilify. I have filed for a divorce and he stopped smoking because I am fight for custody of my son. 
      He is manic, bipolar and I think possibly schizophrenic. I have been reading the side effects of these drugs and wonder if anyone else has taken this type if cocktail and what their experience has been. 
      The last time I saw him he was shaking and look “wild eyed” and was red faced (flushed). Is it likely that at the level of his meds is he walking around in a “fog” and with this regiment how long until his health is affected? He has been on blood pressure meds for 16 years, a history of 5 years on lortab, followed by a 3 year history of suboxone use and  Seroquel
      he has been on Xanax for 10+ years 
      alcohol addiction 20 years with varying degrees of use
      what is his mental state likely to be with this many drugs?
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      please help me understand his mind and what is the most likely state he is in
    • By Cyclingsarah
      Hi guys!
      I’m new to this forum, so this will be my first post. I’ve found a lot of comfort reading about all of your experiences. Thank you for that!
      I recently started taking abilify to control my hypomania. Started on 1.25 mg for a week, and I’ve been on 2.5 mg for little over a week now. I am extremely sensitive to medication - especially the ones acting on dopamine. I probably won’t be able to get above 2.5 mg - maybe 5 mg if I’m lucky. 
      If abilify doesn’t work, Lithium will be next.
      My problem is... Abilify is making me hypomanic. 1.25 mg made me hypomanic for about 4 days, then it stopped. Since upping my dosage to 2.5 mg I have been hypomanic, and it doesn’t seem to end anytime soon. It’s uncomfortable activating for me. I have read about some similar experiences, BUT I haven’t read about anyone having this reaction, and then actually found relief from hypomania/mania afterwards - staying on the same low dosage.
      I’m really desperate, since I’ve pretty much tried everything else and do not want to end up on lithium. 
      Let me know what you think! :-)))
      Sarah / Denmark