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Upping my Ativan for the dentist in 2 hours?

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OK, so I take 2-3 mg of Ativan/day for my GAD and that makes me feel normal and not nervous and fine.

I will take 1mg in the AM and 1mg in the afternoon and then sometimes in the evening if I'm doing something that raises my anxiety.

2 weeks ago I took 2 in the AM before going to the dentist to get a filling. I've never had a filling and hate people's hands in my mouth. I also hate when things are put to sleep or numb. So as soon as the numbing shit got to my throat and I couldnt feel my throat I felt like I was going to throw up. It's so frustrating because I'm really not afraid of the dentist, I'm afraid of having anxiety and that's what causes my anxiety.

OKAY, so I rescheduled after they could tell I was in no shape to go through with it.

I'm going back today at 4:15 (roughly 2 hours from now). They are giving me nitrous oxide this time and I (of course) am going to take my Ativan. This leads to my question.

Question: How much Ativan can you take at one time?

I have taken 4mg before, but that's throughout the day. The most I've taken at once is 2mg. I'm wondering if I should take 1mg now (at 2pm) and then 2mg later (half hour before procedure).

Thoughts anyone? I know that 4mg won't kill me, but is taking 3mg within 2 hours or less bad?

TY so much.


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I take a little extra xanax before the dentist

just be careful and have someone drive you

don't drive on an increased dose

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I take 1 mg of Ativan for smaller upsets and 2 mg for major issues. For example 1mg for a minor car wreck, a fender bender with no one hurt. 2 mgs for a major wreck, car(s) totaled, people hurt. However, I really just go with my feelings and how agitated I am to gage how much Ativan is needed. On rare occasions I have taken 3 mg at once. Like after a seizure.

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