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(A) Unicorn.

I'm Mirazh. I like zombie survival video games, long conversations about European pre-Christian deities, and long walks after midnight while dressed in black.


I came to CB in the second half of 2011; I then went batshit fucking insane from my as-yet undiagnosed Bipolar Disorder NOS helped along by a 'script for Lexapro.  Assaulting people isn't cool, kids, even if they are abusive asswipes you would've kicked out of the house months ago had you been in your right mind.  CB helped me hold it together as best I could, and to pick up the pieces after.  I was asked to join the moderation team in the latter half of 2012, and I've been here ever since (unless my depression is kicking my ass and has convinced me I'm not worthy of contributing anything.)


I am trans, genderqueer, nonbinary, femme (as a gender identity; specifically NaN0boy femme; which means bigender; which means demigender,) medically transitioning, an "effeminate trans guy who does drag" if you don't get any of those previous things.  I talk pretty openly about it and love to provide others with links.  If you're trans or non-binary or questioning or what-have-you, I'm especially fine answering even the more personal stuff that I'd refuse to answer for cis folks (note: I'm speaking mostly about strangers here; I'm much more open to speaking openly even about personal stuff with friends and similarly close individuals.)  Just don't call me brave or admirable simply for existing, kthnx.  **Please don't take this as an offer for one-on-one PM support; resources and a bit of conversation are fine, direct support is best left to the whole of the community.**


If you haven't figured it out yet, I'm one of the GLBTQAI/etc. contacts here on CB.  I'm queer, kinky, polyamorous, and yes I already mentioned that I am trans/genderqueer.  These are but some of the viewpoints I bring to CB.  Being crazy and being queer, kinky, poly, or trans can carry its own set of unique challenges and frustrations in the world.  Also, I'm allosexual (I am a very strong opposite to asexual) and aromantic (I don't experience romantic love.)  If you're any of those things, please know that you are not the only one.


Additionally I am a neo-Pagan, currently engaged in religious studies with a lineage-based eclectic Wiccan tradition.  If you're crazy and Pagan, you're not alone on CB either.  May the Gods and Goddesses give you bright blessings.


You'll usually find me around the following boards:  bipolar, self injury, substance abuse, panic/anxiety, OCD, social phobia, ADHD, ASDs, ACs/MSs, cocktails, benzos, stimulants, what the hell is that, therapy, family feud, relationships, spirituality, GLBT(QIA/etc.), whatever, and good stuff.  I'm also known to lurk in chat.


Anyone curious about my diagnoses, medications, personal interests, etc. can check out my profile.

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