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(A) Unicorn.

I'm Mirazh. I like zombie survival video games, long conversations about European pre-Christian deities, and long walks in the cemetary gothed out to the max.  I swear I'm almost 30 years old, really.

I'm a white anglophone Canadian, but both of my step-parents are Québécois.  I understand québécois infinitely better than I speak it, and that's not saying much.  However, I do occasionally burst out with fits of franglais.  So, uh, beware?

I came to CB in the second half of 2011, conveniently a few months before I went batshit insane from my undiagnosed bipolar disorder (assaulting people in a hypomanic rage is pretty traumatic, it turns out.)  CB helped me to hold together what sanity I could, and to pick up the rest of the pieces after.  I was asked to join the moderation team in the latter half of 2012 and I've been here ever since.  Unless I drop off the face of the planet.  Quite the feat, that, considering that I am disabled from the workforce (due to teh crayzee) and don't exactly get out much.

Officially I'm diagnosed with bipolar disorder not-otherwise-specified, attention deficit hyperactive/impulsive disorder, and aspergers.  Because the DSM-V is a thing and I am currently fighting with my provincial government to let me onto disability (which was something the gdoc and pdoc had been trying to tell me for months before I lost my final job,) those diagnoses are perhaps somewhat outdated.  I still tend to say I have BP-NOS, and I like to say that I am ADHD autistic -- because honestly those two developmental disorders just blur together for me.

I'm trans, nonbinary, and transitioning FTM.  Preferred identity labels are femme and NaN0boy -- and if you don't grok what I mean by that you can think of me as a really effeminate trans guy.  Just don't call me brave or admirable simply for existing, kthnx. I'm one of the GLBTQIA/etc. contacts here on CB.  ID as queer, though have ID'd as bisexual and pansexual at times, and currently derive amusement from referring to myself as homoflexible.  Also: kinky, aromantic, and decidedly non-monogamous -- used to ID as polyamorous, but got sick of the constant arguments within communities about who did and who did not have a "right" to identify as poly.  Don't grok so-called traditional relationship norms and I never really did, though I sure tried.

Consider myself both a skeptic and a polytheist.  I'm an eclectic neo-pagan, started my path doing my own thing (lots of Heathenry and spirit-work) and have turned out to be (quite literally) religious -- I'm a tradition-trained Wiccan, and I am very active in my local, provincial, and to some degree even my national spiritual & religious communities.  For all of this, and more (including the fact that I grew up in a spiritually abusive environment,) I don't take kindly at all to folks who insist their personal beliefs are the One True Way -- for me that includes people who bash religion/religious people in general.

You'll usually find me around the following boards:  bipolar, self injury, substance abuse, panic/anxiety, OCD, social phobia, ADHD, ASDs, ACs/MSs, cocktails, benzos, stimulants, what the hell is that, therapy, family feud, relationships, spirituality, GLBT(QIA/etc.), whatever, and good stuff.  I'm also known to lurk in chat.

Anyone curious about my diagnoses, medications, personal interests, etc. can check out my profile.

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