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2 hours ago, Iceberg said:

What else would you have liked her to do? Also- good luck with the Xanax XR...I feel like it's somewhat rarely used but I think I like it more than klonipin 

I would've liked her to actually raise my Zoloft rather than lower it at the very least, and also raise my desipramine. Either that or switch me to an MAOI. She said I would have to drop both my Zoloft and desipramine, even though it's like, proven that NRIs make MAOIs safer to take because they reduce the pressor response from tyramine and norepinephrine releasers, even in the presense of MAOIs which potentiate it. Of course I agree that the Zoloft would have to go though, that's a no-brainer. I could probably talk her into letting me switch to nortriptyline though, even though it does nil for my depression.

Thanks, I tried it once before, and didn't have luck with it, but I think it was because I was trying to take it acutely for panic attacks, rather than taking it regularly like one would Klonopin or Valiuim. This time I'm going to take it regularly even though she told me to take it PRN... not sure why she told me to do that.

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@mikl_pls i take it PRN-ish...meaning if I'm anticipating a rough day/week/morning I take it before the problems start, but on a normal day if something comes up unexpectedly I take IR instead. Unfortunately with the MAOI thing I think that no matter how much research you bring some doc's are gonna have their bias that you'll never overcome 

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Lost a couple 90 day supply bottles of medications, I essentially lost diazepam, Vraylar, starttera  and since then I’ve been been only on 

Doral 15mg insomnia 

Seroquel 100-300mg when I don’t use Doral for insomnia

Lyrica 300mg bedtime

Zenzedi 30mg 3x daily







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On 7/18/2018 at 6:38 PM, netsavy006 said:

Haven't posted in a long time,

However here is my med list:

clozapine 325 hs - psychosis and bipolar
lithium 300mg am/600mg hs - bipolar
celexa 30mg am - depression and anxiety
xanax 0.5 tid - anxiety and panic attacks
pepcid 40mg hs - gerd/heartburn
pantoprazole 20mg every other day (tapering) - gerd/heartburn
colace 100mg bid - IBS/constipation
fish oil
centrum multivitamin

Same list,  minus one med.  My GI doc took me off of the pantoprazole on Monday after hearing how well I'm doing in regards to my acid reflux/heartburn.

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