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I can't really talk right now; I can't explain why or how bad I'm feeling. I just want to die. I'm wondering how much Abilify it would take to kill me. We just moved, it's the only thing (tablet-wise, besides fluoxetine) we've got in the house. I was kicked out my mum's house six months ago cos she doesn't approve of my partner (probably cos my partner is trans, and was also depressed/suicidal). So she kicked me out, and I lived in a hostel for ten days before I went to be with my partner. The problem is, that we couldn't live there anymore and had to move out. I have an idea this might be adding to my depression but my depression has been there for many years.

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You are going through a lot.  All of that moving would be stressful for someone without depression.  I'm sorry you are feeling so bad.;  I hope you aren't expecting anyone to give you tips with the abilify.  If you want to talk to someone maybe something in this link would help.  You can also come into chat and it might help distract you.



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I kinda wish they would (give me advice on how to overdose), but I'm not expecting it, no.

I'm in chat right now, but I don't want to butt in...

Do you know if Samaritans are free? I might give them a call.

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People with pressing needs *always* take precedence in chat.


Mostly we yammer on about food, music, tattoos, and other not so important things.


If you need support in chat, please know that its always appropriate to say so.

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Guest Vapourware

Yes, the Samaritans are free.

Please don't OD. It's not worth it. It's pretty hard to die from one. You're more likely going to wake up in hospital with tubes everywhere, or being induced to vomit, or have your stomach pumped. Then the hospital will likely ship you to the psych ward.

Life can be hard. It can also get better, truly.

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As a nurse we get a lot of ODs. *Most* ppl don't die and end up in worse physical shape than they started. Last girl I had who tried to OD had a fecal bag up her behind and all sorts of unpleasant things going on. It ain't no fun.

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      So I'm going to make this short and sweet for you all.
      Lately, I've been suffering big time with depression. I find it hard to get out of bed the past week. It's a miracle when I make it to shower. Even then it's only for like 10 minutes. I barely eat, sleep has been uneventful. It's either I wake up every few minutes or I sleep too much. There's no in-between.
      And I only leave the house for appointments.
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      All of a sudden, I have been depressed over the past couple days.  For a while now I have been on a path of personal growth, and trying to improve my life by continuing to make gradual changes and be a more active participant in life.  A lot of the positive changes have enriched my life greatly.  One of the positive changes I made, was attempting to dump my crazy ex who has proven *impossible* to get rid of. (But that is another story for another thread.)  To be honest, some days are difficult.  I have been going through a lot of transitions.  I recently had a milestone birthday (30), I have out grown a lot of the people in my life (who are actually pretty effed up individuals under the surface), and there has been serious strain on close relationships.  
      To try to help manage some of the stress I saw a healer for some energy work.  Afterward, it seemed to help tremendously.  For a solid month I was full of energy, taking excellent care of myself, and very productive.  Cue two days ago, and the honeymoon phase is over.  All of a sudden this silent depression started creeping in.  On a surface level I feel that I have nothing to be terribly depressed about.  On a deeper level, I know that my life is less than ideal.  The difference, is that I am usually filled with a positive "can do" attitude about improving it.  Of course, there is also the ever-present struggle with the illness which many of us can sometimes be in denial about. 
      So for whatever reason, it happened.  I got depressed.  Not-sad, melancholy, hopeless, overcome with emotion,-depressed.  Just depressed.  I think it started when I tried to do a positive thing for myself, at which I failed.  About five days ago I attempted to finally quit nicotine gum for good.  I quickly realized that this simply would not be possible for me at this time in my life. 
      Lately, I have little motivation to do anything.  For about a week now, I have gone back to taking poor care of myself and eating poorly.  Nothing sounds "inviting" to me when I think of fun things I could do.  My emotions are dulled, yet on some level I feel this pesky throbbing ache coming from somewhere...Like as if I were getting hit with a hammer...in the heart.   
      I am writing this thread for no other reason than to just say that depression blows....the big one.  And if you are reading this and you are depressed, you are not the only one.
      I am going to fight it though.  I am going to continue to do non-depressive things until my attitude follows my life style.  In the meantime, it sucks trying to function when you are "running on empty" so to speak.