Understanding self injury, wound care and treatment options

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If you've read the guidelines, you will know that this forum is focused on recovery and understanding the reasons behind self harm.


While we prefer to concentrate on the underlying urges that feed this behaviour and in finding alternatives, we recognise that many of our members still need detailed assistance in figuring out their own circumstances and options.  This includes what to do with (1) basic wound care, (2) judging whether or not to go to an ER or seek medical assistance, and (3) how to start the road to recovery and understand what's going on.


The links below have been vetted by our mod team, and each contains compassionate and practical information which we hope you will find helpful. We encourage you to read through them, and post on the forum itself if you still have questions.


A guide for those who self injure (excellent article with links which speak about reasons for self injury, treatment and recovery)


Self injury help, support and treatment (another excellent and up-to-date article which speaks about myths, facts and understanding)


Caring for self harm wounds (detailed information on caring for injuries)


Self injury treatment checklist (for use if you have to go the ER and don't feel able to speak in detail about your situation)



The SI Mods

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    • By allybea
       I've had a history of self harm since seventh grade, and when my mom found out about it she used to do body checks. She used to make me show her mybody so she would know if ive hurt myself or not. The whole situation is very uncomfortable and made me feel 10x more insecure than i was.Although i know she was only doing it to protect and make sure i was okay,i was wondering if it was some kind of abuse or damaging when someone does that?
    • By Davina
      Yesterday, I woke up with my hand resting on my forehead, with my thumb nail pressing into the skin just above my left eye. It left a red indentation, and I showed this to someone. This happened once before, the same exact way, and I am scared of this happening again. If my nail had been any lower, I would have been gouging my eye. I'm taking my meds as prescribed, but I'm wondering if this is a type of sleep walking, and if there is anything I can take to prevent it. I suffer from anxiety and post traumatic stress as well psychosis and past abuse issues. Any advice is appreciated. 
    • By ApartmentFace
      I live with Bipolar I, PTSD, and inattentive type ADHD. As a result, I have a history of SI. Last summer I was hospitalized for almost a week bc of my injuries and a psychotic break. 
      Lately I have been fantasizing about SI. I have two very specific, gruesome scenarios that I think about. Although I have not acted on them, these fantasies soothe me to the point that I have trouble falling asleep unless I am thinking about them first.
      Last night my husband asked me if I was OK. He said I seemed "off." I relented and told him about the fantasies in all their graphic glory. While I was talking, he was frequently distracted by his laptop. When I finished telling him my story, he immediately began talking about our next vacation with no comment about what I'd just said.
      So is telling a loved one about SI urges and fantasies a bad idea, even if they ask? I feel like he couldn't care less even though he asked!
    • By Transgender_Boy
      so, i went to the doctors today and they were all freaking out concerned about my weight. I am only 30 lbs.  "underweight". under weight my ass. everyday i come home from not eating at school and then binge eat a whole bunch of food. then throw it all up. i made promises that i would eat. but they said nothing about throwing it back up. im suppose to weigh 40 more lbs than my current weight. and im so happy about it.