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Hey guys I'm relatively new here. I've been on many different medications and med combinations in the past. So just curious if any of you have ever been on a cocktail similar to mine. So far it has worked wonders. I've been on this combination for months. The weight gain from the remeron was hard to deal with, but eating better and exercise helped that, and the munchies I got from it became less and less over time.

I'm on


Propranolol instant release 80mg 3 times a day (I used to take this 3 times a day, but now have weaned myself down to once a day when needed. The whole idea of taking a 'heart medication' still sketches me out. But apparently propranolol has a low side effect profile, I think? Lol)


Gabepentin 300mg 3 times a day (however my doc for some reason gives me a monthly script of 270 300mg pills)


Remeron 30mg at night


Effexor ER 150mg in the Am ( apparently the combo of effexor and remeron is called 'California rocket fuel')


A little bit about me. I have depression and generalized anxiety, and currently being tested for possible bipolar disorder. I have had severe substance abuse issues in the past so I have to go the non narcotic route.

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I thought propronalal was used for blood pressure, but maybe it is used for heart disease as well. Don't worry about what category a med falls into, especially if it works. I tried it a couple of times for migraine, and it never worked for me.


You can go up quite high on Gabapentin. He may be giving you extra to us as a prn (ask him, don't listen to me), or to have on hand if he decides your dose needs to go up TODAY! I used Gaba for migraines for several years, and it seemed to have a mood stabilizing effect on me, which happens, but isn't common.


I know the rest is called California Rocket Fuel, but I've never taken it.


How are they testing you for BP 1? Just curious.

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Well I've been on gabepentin in the past and it's helped with my mood/anxiety. So I told my current doc that gab has worked for me in the past, like it really helps. And he said he wanted to "run tests" on me if the gabapentin works to see if there are other meds that will work better. And he started asking questions that reminded me of something you would ask somebody who is bipolar lol. Personally i dont think I'm bipolar, but I definately have my quirks so who knows. And the effexor+remeron combo is effective. Remeron on its own is extremely sedating, when effexor is added it helps give a little bit of energy and takes away some of the remeron munchies. And ya propranolol is used for high bp, heart condition, migraines, and performance anxiety. It helps in situations that cause me anxiety. Im a recovering addict so i cant take controlled substances.

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Yeah i never ended up getting the test but im looking into getting my meds changed due to consistent anxiety, afraid to leave my apartment, and extreme weight gain.

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    • By Posey
      Hey yall I wanted to get some better insight on a situation. I am set to see a therapist in a few weeks, I just wanted to see if I was overthinking the situation or how I should try to cope with it better. 
      My fiance and I live together with my parents under the same roof. My fiance goes to grad school and I study at home and volunteer to build my career. In the past, my fiance and my folks got along really well together and are friends. Lately though it seems like they are being more critical of my fiance. After thinking about it, I am beginning to think that it is mostly my parents being a bit possessive of me and clingy. 
      My sister is an actress and is in a lot of stage plays every couple of months. I'm not that into theater, but I don't have a problem going to see my sister with my folks. My fiance however has a really hard time in plays and theater. He has a hard time staying still and is a bit fidgety, which kinda annoys me. He also hates plays, so it's kind of a bad combination. I do not have any problems with him just staying home and me going to see my sister. However, my folks have a big problem with this. They told me that he is unsupportive and would make a bad husband if he doesn't go see all of my sisters plays. After speaking with him about it, my fiance decided to compromise and agreed that he would go see a few plays a year (We go like once every 2-3 months). This, however, isn't good enough for my parents still. My mom since then has suggested that he isn't a good partner for me. 
      There are also smaller stuff that they complain about. They don't like that he plays video games for more than 2 hours at a time, that he is sexist for asking me to make him scrambled eggs, and that he doesn't go out to dinner with my folks every time (my parents eat out A LOT). The most annoying thing is that I have never at all felt like he is a bad partner!!!! He literally makes my life better, helps out my anxiety, and makes me a better person!!! I seriously think I'm going crazy sometimes because I literally cannot see any problems about what he is doing. If anything, I respect my fiance more because he has handled this gracefully, has been polite and a responsible tenant, and has been super supportive and trusting of me.
       The problem is that i have GAD and get really bad obsessive thoughts, which makes me really anxious. I can't stop thinking about my parents hating my fiance. If anything is negatively effecting my relationship at all, its the fact that my parents don't approve of him fully. It just really fucking sucks when someone actively improves your life and your own parents can't see that. I was wondering if anyone had any tips with stopping obsessive thoughts with this situation. 
    • By Dewey
      Over the past month, since my mood swings have become more prominent, I am not sure if these are hallucinations I am having or not.
      I see out of the corner of my eye, fleeting forms, but when I turn my eyes to the object in the room, it disappears. 
      This morning I saw a white cat sitting in the bathroom staring at me out of the corner of my eye just near the doorjam, when I looked it disappeared. 
      But I am seeing things like this continually throughout the day.
    • By sbdivemaster
      I have been taking gabapentin for just over 6 months now.  I am currently titrated up to 2700 mg.  Early on it really kicked ass on the ruminations, but it took more to finally affect suicidal ideation around 2100 mg or 2400 mg.
      Somewhere around 2400 mg, I started noticing that I was experiencing some "tip of the tongue" incidences - what I felt to be more than usual.  The Wife told me to try to stop thinking too much about them and see what happens... like when you are looking to buy a new car and you are driving around and now notice the model of car you are interested all the time.  It seemed to work for a bit...
      I've been on 2700 for maybe a month or so, and I am noticing an increase in these moments, including at work. Also, I have started to notice that I am forgetting short term items.  Like at work, I'll be talking about a case with my boss, then after he's given me some direction on the case and the conversation is over, I cannot recall the name of the case.  I can recall the direction he gave, but I'll draw a complete blank on which case for a bit.  It's not like we have tons of cases - we might have half dozen, if that, that are in an active phase at any given time.
      So, I really am starting to think I am having an increase of these anomic aphasia moments.
      I am scheduled to see the quack in January, but not sure if these will pass, or should I go see him now (only way to really communicate with him is via appointment - his front office ladies have an iron shield around him and only say, "You have to make an appointment."), or should I taper back down a bit and see if the aphasia decreases (quack is cool with very minor self-adjustments)?
      Anyone else taking gabapentin have this experience?
    • By Dewey
      Went to my HMO for the first time since my former primary mistreated me.  Everytime I would drive up to the building I could not go inside as a panic attack would hit me.
      Made it thru selecting new glasses, but wanted to run out of there, was having shortness of breathe. 
      Then made it thru pharmacy to pick up scripts and lastly made it thru a flu shot. 
      The Zyprexa is dampening down the run-away anxiety/panic/agoraphobia so far and I found myself very much in the present moment.
      I was soo proud of myself for making it thru the day  
    • By Dewey
        I am being targeted and bullied by my neighbors where I live. I currently live in an independent living home.  I am the youngest one here (67 years old).  Other neighbors who live in my building admitted that I have been singled out and targeted by the bullies that live here.  It seems that no matter where I live, I get singled out and bullied.  Must be something I am doing. 
      In my new independent living home,  there are groups of women that stick together and have scheming get-togethers. I was invited to one and never went back.  Unfortunately before I discovered one such neighbor was a party to all this, I had confided in her.  She roped me in very easily.  I am alone and isolated and there is no support in my life.  So, I am easy target.  I also am a nice person who does not have the ability to actively hurt someone. 
      I try to get away from these groups (I call them the axis of evils), I put their calls on block so they can no longer text me,  I unfriended them on Facebook (I no longer go there anymore).  If they don't talk to me once a week, they will send out an alert to go and find me or they will call the cops and to do a welfare check on me. They bang on my door at all hours and yell my name thru the door to get me to come to the door, then they bust in almost knocking me over and sit down for a "chat".  While they are chatting they start taking pictures of my cat and my apartment. I should have asked why they were taking pictures inside my apartment, but I dissociated and could not defend myself. I no longer allow them in my home.  I won't talk to them over the phone nor text them, nor return their phone calls.  The next time they call in a welfare check on me, I will cite them for harassment with the police when they show up.  This group of women have admitted to me they are mean and will take action against others who live here if they don't like them, which I have witnessed. So, for now, I walk on egg-shells around them.
      I stay away from everyone now, keep my blinds closed and don't answer the phone unless I know who it is calling me.  My psych doc upped my maintenance medication and added new medication.  He's been calling me frequently to see how I am.  I do live with sui*ide ideation, so he's worried about me.  Unfortunately I am living in Section 8 Housing, so moving is very difficult to do.  So, just trying to keep myself safe from the "Axis of Evil".
      Needed to vent to get it out there what I am living with.  Thank you for reading.