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Understanding Cortisol, Inflamation, and mental illness

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Hi all,


Lately I have been reading up on the neurobiology of mental illness and how it applies to me. But it seems the more I read the more confused I get.


On every blood test I have had I have had raised levels of cortisol, IgE and low/borderline testosterone. I have also had an MRI which showed a small (2-3mm) tumor on my pituatary gland. Pretty much every doctor I have seen and suggested the possibility of cushing's disease have immediately said that I dont have it. The endrocronologist that I am seeing now is saying that she doesn't know if I have it or not and just runs tests on me every 6 months.


I have had the Dexamethasone suppression test 1mg 4 times, and each time my cortisol levels dont really change. on the 2mg test that I have had once the cortisol levels dropped as expected and the same with the 8mg test. I have also done the 24 hour urine test multiple times each showing normal levels of cortisol (but abnormal levels of creatine).


I have read that a prolonged increase of cortisol causes mental illness, but mental illness can also raise cortisol levels. Also my IgE levels are high but I have no allergy symptoms could this be an indicator of imflamation causing problems? Also is cortisol and IgE linked?


If someone could help me understand how all this relates it would be appreaciated.

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Hey! Did you figure out what is going on?

My cortisol levels are also high and I struggle with extreme anxiety and unstable mood.


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