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I was on a great path towards remission. Things were going great until last October when I had a fight with a friend who cut me out. Then my relationship with my girlfriend was getting strained due to finances. Then I stated to ruminate about my lack of a social life and how lonely I am. Also the typical signs of fall which is the season when my father died 6 years ago. So throw in parental grief into the mix.

Then the days stated to get shorter. And I stated to regress back into a dark place with suicidal thoughts triggered by the thought of never being able to talk to my ex BFF ever again, my failings with making new friends, and unresolved issues with my late father. Also my former friend asked me not to come back to the peer support group he runs. I have friends and social supports from ex-friends peer group.

About a a week and a half ago, the energy and life force evaporated. I stated oversleeeping or having bad bouts of insomnia. I have zero drive or motivation. It's definitely SAD affecting my MDD. I don't want to be this depressed, cranky, morose, or irritable. What should I change in my treatment plans to turn things around? I see a therapist for CBT. I'm overdue for a med review and adjustment. Currently on 20 mg Prozac, 75 mg bupropion, 50 mg lamactil, 10 mg ambien. I'm also binge drinking to drown out the negative thoughts and emotions. 

This happens every year come October. What should I change in my meds or therapy to get my SAD and MDD back under control so that I can stop isolating myself, hiding in bed, drinking heavily, dreading living my life, and ruminating over cringe-worthy fails? I'm a mess. I worked so hard to get myself out of depression but all that work has evaporated. Help!

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As I understand it, the typical treatment  for SAD is light therapy and/or vitamin D3. I suggest you talk to your doc about those options.

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Mal is right. Ask your doctor about light therapy, and there is a blood test that can check your level of vitamin D3. As I understand it, these treatments are pretty effective.

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I notice there is definitely some kind of seasonal pattern to my mood.  It is tanking now and it tanked this time last year as well... basically as soon as the days start to get shorter. 

As others have mentioned you could get a light box. I have one and try to use it every morning for half an hour or so.  Vitamin D supplements are cheap and maybe even a vitamin B complex supplement might help boost your energy as well. Cutting down on the alcohol might help you feel better too. 

Looking at your meds you are on Wellbutrin but only a low dose.   Maybe ask your doctor about increasing that as it is quite stimulating and might give you the energy you are looking for. 



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    • By purple man1235
      hi, I need some consultation on what I am dealing with.
      There appears to be this problem where I will see things in life that aren't there. For example, just the other day I noticed that my window is broken. This is impossible since my window is impenetrable. Moreover, I am seeing this illusion where my  money inside my safe is no longer there. Funny right? I have tried taking meds to get rid of this optical illusion, but nothing seems to work.
      Other than optical illusions, I also can no longer see where my bed is and I often trip on my way into it when I go to sleep. Also, I keep missing my mouth when I go to insert  food into my mouth. This has been happening ever since I took a break to watch the eclipse with my pet dog. Someone please help.
    • By olga
      It's that time of year!  Every year in the fall (for the Northern Hemisphere members), I like to remind everyone that the days are getting shorter and maybe you want to take some action to avoid slipping into the Black Pit.
      If your doctor thinks it's a good idea, this might be the time to increase the dosage of your antidepressant.  If you use a light box, get it out and start using it.  If you don't take Vitamin D or fish oil, this might be the year you should try it.
      Not all of us get SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder), but it is a serious issue.  If you find it harder and harder to get out of bed in the morning, or if your sleep pattern has become disrupted, or if you feel helpless/useless/hopeless, then depression is knocking on your door and you need to do something.  If you have a therapist, bring this up at your next session.  If you are being treated by a psychiatrist, go over your list of medications and talk about possible adjustments to help you get through the Dark Time.
      If you know me at all, you know I will bug you to do the following:
      1) Practice good sleep hygiene.  Try to go to bed at the same time every day.  No screens in the bedroom.  Try to have the same routine every night in terms of cleaning up, brushing your teeth, etc.  Keep a boring book on your night table if you can't sleep.
      2) Try to get some exercise every day, preferably outdoors.  You will sleep better if you are physically tired, and many people find that outdoor exercise can lift their mood.  I'm not saying it's a cure-all, but it can help.
      3)  Do your best to eat healthy, unprocessed foods.  If you only ingest junk, you will feel like junk.
      Feel free to make your own suggestions. Let's fight the Darkness!
    • By glorie.inseine
      I need a major treatment overhaul, medication changes, lifestyle changes, help with cognitive impairment, and then need to relocate to a city with better psychiatric services, resources, and support groups. Not sure if inpatient is the place to start or if I can get by with an iop program. There's nothing available locally, so I have to go somewhere else for help. Suggestions for top treatment centers would be helpful ( hospitals etc). I know of some and have researched them, but it's hard finding places that offer cognitive remediation.  And if you have recommendations of places to relocate, that would also be appreciated.
    • By Adhd boy 411
      Hello all, I'm adhd boy, I was diagnosed a few days ago! I'm so happy to have a word to describe the ill feelings I've felt about being different or handicapped in some way.
      I really want to open the floor to anyone who has tips for me and others in the forum about HOW TO MAKE THE MOST OF YOUR MEDICATION. Without upping my dosage prescribed I'd like to get the most out of my 30mg of vyvanse. This may be in articles, however, I respond much better to people who have lived the adhd life and tried coping skills rather than results of an experiment.
      What tasks are less stressful you with treatment?
      What activities help your focus and mood to the point when your medication seems to ignite more benefits?
      MY experienes will be added to this when I find them. I'll supply excellent detail as to how, what time of day, and wait exactly I am doing to increase my focus, drive, and just "holding onto that damn train of thought!"
    • By @PEACE
      OK. I'm thinking of entering a 30 day residential facility for bipolar and alcoholism. I am currently trying to get out of another mixed episode. My psychiatrist gave me seroquel (btw 50mg knocked me out!) to make me sane for a little while. Once I am stable he wants to get me off lamictal and start Tegretol. Any thoughts on the two meds?
      Anyway...I want to go to facility to get my bipolar under better control and for my alcohol consumption.
      SOOOO...in everyone's honest opinion how bad is it to drink every night out of the week, with the exception of taking a random night off only if you had a horrid hangover? It has gotten to the point where I drink at least a bottle of wine a night. On the weekends I could easily polish of two bottles and drink whatever else on top of that. I can quit drinking for 3 days max if I try hard, but typically that's as long as I can go. I don't have DT's or anything. Does this qualify me to go to a dual diagnosis facility? 
      Does anybody have ANY recommendations for a dual diagnosis inpatient facility?? Anywhere is the U.S. is fine. I just feel I really need some help and feel an inpatient facility would be a good option. 
      My mind is kind of in a blur, sorry if none of that made sense. 
      Questions are.....
      1) Do I drink too much ? and if so, does it qualify me to go to inpatient rehab (voluntarily) 
      2) Recommendations for dual diagnosis facilities anywhere in the U.S.
      3) Thoughts about Tegretol and the short term use of seroquel.
      Think that's it! Thank you for reading this. I feel very lost, I feel so sick that I am scared.