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I was denied to donate blood because I have a mental illness

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To everyone whom has replied so far:

Thank you for your suggestions, support, and sharing of your own thoughts, opinions, stories, etc. I appreciate it, knowing that the group which deals with this sort of bullshit isn't as small as I had once thought it was. It helps knowing that there are others out there that have gone through this before, so again, thanks for helping me with all of this. I've been doing quite a bit of research and, because I don't have the monetary funding needed for a lawyer, there's not much else I can do except to do what I have already done -- posted about this incident on my Facebook account, and on my Tumblr account, which I rarely use...mainly because it confuses the hell out of me, and I've been crafting a letter to my state Congress, requesting change in this behavior, and in the ways in which the laws are written regarding the mentally ill. Beyond that, unless I somehow win the lottery, there's not much else I can do, which sucks. Though... being a writer, I do have one minor consultation prize: I can always stick the guy that ran my screening into one of my novels and make him a victim of my Big Baddie. (Okay, I know. I'm being childish, but still I, at least, found the thought of doing that to be amusing! What? Never screw with a writer! When life hands us those annoying lemons, we'll write you the recipe for Grannie's Homestyle Lemonade!)

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Ha ha! That's fucking stupid! Unless you're a vampire. Are you a vampire trying to create more vampires by giving people your cursed blood? Is vampire a recognised condition in the latest DSM. Dunno, haven't read it. VPD? Of course you aren't because vampires don't exist (or is that what they want us to think? Nah they don't exist. My uncle Vlad told me so.) Seems stupid as well as offensive. I was joking about the vampire thing but that's how they must see it, the fucking idiots.

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Do you *have* to disclose you have a MI?

why not first, call another donation center, list your meds, ask if any disqualify you? 

Then if not, go to another center 😂 and don’t disclose?

i know, I’m a shit. When I called here, the only med they shunned was Lamictal. 

Cause soon I’m going to **need** to  donate for $$$. 

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