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coping strategies to get through the long weekend+holiday

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6 hours ago, mellifluous said:

you know, i realize that i maybe didn't clarify why weekends are long for me. especially holidays. right now i'm not doing great. tomorrow will be my first test going outside my house in daylight to meet someone who isn't a mental health professional. 

weekends are long because i stay up later...because things happen later. but that means more time in my head. and i've been doing "alarming" things of late. like digging up plans and revising and running wild with a certain most likely delusional train of thought. and i hate feeling that badly about myself and that conflicted. and that happens more on the weekends.

as for what i do during the day...for the past month..slinking around in a hoodie and trying to be invisible. but previously, i would do things with my small girl and we'd go to museums, parks, walks, coffee shops, lunch, all over our city. i've just really had a rough time with that increasingly lately. though it hopefully will be significantly improved within the next few days...it could take up to six total weeks for full effect. that's a long fucking time to feel the way i feel and be so unresolved and desperate to be convinced by the strongest argument but i can't shake it. but i got out of IP because i have no imminent intent. i'm afraid it'll happen within a certain amount of time, but i don't' have any dates set or anything. so, yeah...i have to make it through the long weekend (and, currently, also week) because when my small girl is napping/asleep, in lieu of self care of any sort, the past month ish i've been living in my head and doing these things that are preparation and it looks really bad, but they can't force me in. and he doesn't think that's the key anyway. he thinks i need to accept my symptoms as symptoms and my thoughts need to be challenged/reality checked more frequently (i've also not been going to groups and skipped individual therapy last week).


anyawy, what do you do during the week?

ah I see. that makes sense melli. I definitely understand being up later which leads to more time inside your head. did you get a med adjustment? asking bc you said it could take up to six weeks for you to improve  I hope you improve sooner rather than later!

for me, lately anyway, I have been just hanging out in my room and listening to music. I get some sort of beverage to drink like tea, coffee or a carbonated water and just let the music take me out of my head. I also like to read and play guitar. and smoke cigarettes lol. I smoke sooo many cigarettes. ideally i would be making paintings but my recent med adjustment has been making that difficult for me. 

i think I actually look forward to the weekend because my brother is off work and it gives us a chance to hang out occasionally. but other than that, the weekend is usually pretty much the same as the weekdays. music, guitar, reading, smoking, oh, also meditation! if it's something you are able to do, it is literally the best thing to get you out of your head. 

anyway, I really hope things start to look up for you melli. 

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