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Dearly Beloved -

When God sent the Israelites into the Wilderness, he provided for their needs with a daily shower of mana from Heaven.

Unfortunately, Crazyboards' servers run on electricity.

We want to always be here for you. To make that happen, though, we need your help. Crazyboards relies on the financial support of its members to keep the lights on and the servers running. A couple of times a year, we host a modest fundraising campaign to make it easy for our members to contribute to keeping this Haven For Crazies, By Crazies, open. This year, we have the additional cost approaching of investing in a new chat client to replace the previous one, which is phasing out.

We know that money is tight right now, meds aren't getting any cheaper, and there hasn't been a shower of mana since Nixon was elected to the White House, but any amount you could spare would be so very much appreciated. Click Here to visit our GoFundMe campaign and make your generous donation to keep Crazyboards online, and thank you.

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