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So I've got anxiety, PTSD, and bipolar disorder. My husband is one of the most anxious people I've ever met. 

So today we decided to run some errands and we were going to take his car. I needed to grab something out of my truck. I locked the truck, then locked it again when I got in my husband's car. It makes a beep sound and the lights flash when I press lock on my key fob. My husband then asked if I was sure the truck was locked. I said yes...then I think so, and I hit lock on my keychain again. I heard the beep and said that it was definitely locked.  My husband throws the car in reverse and says,"But I didn't hear it lock and I also didn't see the lights flash." He stops and locks my truck one more time. 

It's amazing we are able to get anywhere!

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    • By Noxx
      This is going to be a long post. 
      I was diagnosed with ADHD in 2013 and tried Concerta 18mg(to start with), my PDoc told me it was a "baby dose" and that I would not notice anything yet. However I got speeded like hell and after a week I had my lifes first full blown panic attack. :/ I immeadiately stopped the Concerta but my brain was in full alert anyway and I was anxious all the time and panicked even when I just stepped outside my house. I couldnt pay in a store(if I managed to enter one without getting too dizzy), talk to people, rude the bus etc etc. 
      Eventually I did manage to work a bit with myself and I was sort of able to almost function. I still had anxiety from hell doing all these things but at least I was able to get through them. Most of the time. 
      But then I found Lithium Orotate online and decided to try it for my anxiety. I tried the Advanced Research 120mg and it worked wonders! I was back to myself before the Concerta-panic attack! And everyting was fine for about 1,5 years and almost no side effects! I just had some nausea at first but I increased the dose slowly up to two pills a day.
      I noticed this summer that I started waking up at night with extreme heart racing, I was a bit speeded at times and had some headaches.
      Then in september I suddenly had a major headache, heart racing(with double beats all the time), nausea, couldn't sleep more than about 1 h/night, agitation from hell, anxiety from hell etc. All I could do was sit on the floor with my head over a bucket and shake.   I had not changed my LiOr dose at all, but I had taken some Mg and Multivitamin/Multimineral pills two days before. My anxiety/stress/agitation got better if I moved around but as soon as I sat down the stress levels went back up. If I fell asleep I would wake up in a PANIC 20 min later and had to run around.  
      The agitaion did get a bit better the next few weeks but the sleeplessness was still there. I noticed that if I starved myself I calmed down and could sleep maybe 7 hours so I also tried the ketogenic diet. It did work but not as well as starvation.
      Now, two months later I try to manage by eating only meat and fat with some lettuce in very small portions because I still can't really eat, and take several brisk walks to keep my stress hormones under somewhat control. I've lost about 24 pounds/11 kg and I don't know what to do. And neither does my doctor. Anyone here have any suggestions/insights?  
      Did something in the vitamin/mineral pill interact with the LiOr? Or did the Mg work in synergy with the Li so when I stopped the Mg it caused some sort of a withdrawal?
      Will it pass or did I wreck something permanently so this is life from now on?  
    • By Xyzieleigh
      I have been self harming since I was 11. I started off just scratching and using an eraser to burn myself. Through the next few years I work my way up to cutting. I started with the little bitty razors from pencil sharpeners but they weren't enough, so I would steal the big rectangle razors from the convenience store where my mom worked at the time. They worked well, they were sharp and I was satisfied...for a while.
      Flash forward to present day. 
      I'm 21 with a job in healthcare and I still can't stop myself from cutting. Its become a custome. That's my go to when I'm stressed, upset, lonely, sometimes even if I'm bored. I just like to have cuts or burns or scratches on me at all times. Its like a secret that I don't have to share its amusing to me in a way. I feel almost naked if I don't have at least a few cuts on me at any given time. I've tried to stop and for a while I did, but I just keep turning back. 
         I want to move forward with my life but its like I'm stuck In a hole that I can't climb out of. I see everyone around me moving on with their lives and I'm stuck here hurting myself with no control over anything. My anxiety is to bad to seek help. I just feel like I would be better off dead because dying just seems so easier, more realistic and more inviting than trying to live a normal life.
    • By Idekanymore
      I need 15 and my birthday is in January.I have a medical Condition that effects my skin and it just cleared up and is getting so much better so I decided to go to a party with my aunt, my 3 cousins and Mum. My mum leaves early so I stay with my aunt and cousin. I had a great time it was my first party in like 2 years I felt like a normal teenager again. So that night everything was fine until the next morning. I decided that maybe I should stay there for one more night because we were still having fun and chilling but my mum didn’t like that. My mum is on medication for her emotions , you can never tell what she is going to do her emotions can switch in a second. Okay back to the story. So I try some of my cousins cream for my face because I don’t have mine and my mum said she wouldn’t bring it to me. My face went all red but I knew how to handle it but we still phoned my mum to ask her to bring up my cream that is medicated. So she brought it up to my aunts and just started shouting at me and wouldn’t stop going on and on at me. I almost felt like crying. As she was about to leave I told her I would phone her later but she told me not to bother and walked out.So when she went home my family was shocked at how angry she was. I let my frustrations out to my family and told them things about my Mum. (Just to let you know I am very depressed and go to a therapist but my Mum doesn’t like me to talk about her to my therapist so I don’t because she’s scary). Me and my cousin were watching a movie after being on our phones for a while so I sat my phone on charge and put it on silent so it wouldn’t disrupt us. The movie is a bout half way through and my mum phones my eldest cousins phone. She gets really mad and asks why I didn’t answer and I told her why but she sounded furious. After the phone call I check my phone and I only had two missed calls surely my mum can’t get mad at that and it’s not like I’m out somewhere dangerous I’m just with my cousins. I didn’t phone her back that night because she told me earlier when she visited not to phone her. Then I got a text saying what time she would pick me up at in the morning. Me and my cousins went to sleep but I kept my phone next to me so I would hear the alarm as I am a very heavy sleeper. So I got up the next day when my alarm went of and put my phone on charge while I got changed in a different room. After I got changed my aunt handed me the phone oh was my mum asking why I didn’t answer my phone so once again I tried to explain but she just got mad and hung up. I found this weird because my mum always moans that I never go out and I’m always in the house so I didn’t understand her paranoia of me being at my aunts. My mum shouted at me as soon as I got on the car. Once we got to the house she started screaming calling me a disappointment and many other hurtful things. I went to my room to get changed and cried a lot bit my mum made me sit in the living room with her. I was still a mess at this point. I couldn’t stop crying. She kept telling me to shut up and stop crying getting really angry. She stared saying things like you’ve embarrassed me and are a disappointment. It was very hurtful. I done nothing bad enough to get this treatment. I kept on saying I was sorry and I won’t do it again. She got angry and told me I’m not staying over at anyone’s again. She was acting like I was a criminal. She was saying things like if I want to act grown up then I can do everything for my self from not on and how she’s giving up on me. This really got to me I’m at the hospital a lot and I am also at therapy for depression and other things. She also kept on mentioning on how she’s my mother other things like that. I’ve tried to apologise loads but not once has she ever took my apologies into consideration. She honestly scares me so much. She always gets mad really easily and I’m always on edge. She has never physically abused me but mentally im almost dead. I’m now still crying and I am having really bad thoughts about how to let the pain out and that’s different to me because I’ve never thought this deeply about something like that before, I’ve never acctually wanted to do damage like this to myself before. I feel so ashamed. I really hate myself right now.What should I do? 
    • By Cyclingsarah
      About to go off abilify. Went from 2.5 mg - 1.25 mg 5 days ago.
      since yesterday anxiety, agitation and akathisia has gone through the roof. My intire body tingles, burns etc. And it feels like i’m about to explode. Just can’t relax.
      I was only on the drug for 4 weeks.
      Any ideas how long this is going to last?? And has anyone experienced this as well?
      damn you drugs.. Amiright 
    • By hannahthered
      Hi, I'm Hannah.  I've had generalized anxiety and OCD all my life and developed major depressive disorder around 11 years old, but I was not properly diagnosed until I was 13.  They've put me on lots of meds since then, most of which either didn't work or had shitty side effects.  Around the time I was 14-15, I even had some psychotic features during my worst depressive episodes, and some of my medications were only making things worse.  Now, at 16, things are at an all time low, and I came here to talk to some people who are in similar situations.  My current medications are Pristiq (Desvenlafaxine) and Risperdal, with a Deplin supplement.  Long story short, school sucks ass and it's making things worse.
      That's pretty much all from me.  Hello, CB!