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Forced to Adderall

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I've avoided Adderall as I find dextroamphetamine sulfate alone more effective or potent. As I moved to Medicaid Zenzedi is not on the formulary so my only choice for a 30 mg pill was mixed amphetamine salts (Adderall). It is the only generic 30 mg IR tab on the market. Medicaid has a quantity limit of 60 tabs/month on the 30 Mg Adderall, so that will require a PA to get it approved for 90 tabs/month. My doc sent in a PA request for Zenzedi but I suspect they will say just take Adderall and we will raise the limit to 90. So I was stuck paying retail for my mixed amphetamine salts this month and probably next month, too. GoodRx has a coupon for $54.00. Zenzedi has a program for people who pay cash but is limited as to the max assistance it will provide so I would be paying $400-500 with the card discount. Adderall is better than no amphetamine at all, but I find it not as effective now that I have taken it for a half month.

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I will do just that. AS long as Medicaid rejects covering it by PA I'm in. Thanks !

MY doctor gave me a card for a cash discount from Arbor if you were paying cash or some co-pay assistance. I thought that is all there was.,


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