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Hello. Around a week ago my Seroquel dose got increased from 150mg a day to 300mg a day. I take it for bipolar I and autism spectrum disorder. I take 150mg early in the morning, before school and the other half before going to sleep. 

I'm feeling extremely tired and drowsy. I find it hard to concentrate which is an issue because I have a very demanding academic life that requires me to be awake and cognitively at my peak. Since it manages my psychosis and makes me able to tolerate life I am reluctant to stop taking it. I have taken risperidone and amisulpride before but they make me extremely irritable/ don't quite stop the psychosis.

In addition to Seroquel I take 20mg of escitalopram (lexapro generic). My question is, will the tiredness go away? Or do I ask for a change? 

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1 minute ago, Iceberg said:

Possibly. Unfortunately u gotta give it a little time. Is it ir or Xr? Some people can take it all at night 

It is XR

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It never fully went away for me, but it did get better to the point where I could function as a full time student (I was on 600 mg for years).  Getting out of bed in the morning was always like dragging myself out of a tar pit, but I got to where I was okay during the day.

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For me the tiredness went away completely. When I first took it (200mg of immediate release version, all at bedtime it knocked me right out and I needed 12 hours to sleep it off. Eventually I developed a tolerance and it had no sedative effect. When I tried taking XR (all at night) it didn't knock me out really, but spread the sedation out so I felt it some the next day.

Overall many find XR to be milder sedation-wise because it releases slowly. It took quite a few months before i completely adjusted. If it works for you I'd suggest persevere if you can. Talk to your doc about possible dosing or formula change to address the fatigue. 

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      I am losing confidence in myself again, I am taking 5 steps backwards instead of forward. I am very depressed about it. And this time of the year makes me depressed.. for some reason I really miss my dog right now. I think because this time last year.. She got sick and I was taking care of her everyday and was with her 24/7 .. even the smell of outside right now reminds me of her. I still have her bed under the Piano; it is sad walking by it and seeing it empty, but I am not getting rid of it. 
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      Hi guys!
      I’m new to this forum, so this will be my first post. I’ve found a lot of comfort reading about all of your experiences. Thank you for that!
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      If abilify doesn’t work, Lithium will be next.
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      I’m really desperate, since I’ve pretty much tried everything else and do not want to end up on lithium. 
      Let me know what you think! :-)))
      Sarah / Denmark