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I won't bore you with the details. She wants one now. Today. This afternoon. That won't happen.

But: I want to know your experiences with the healing. How long? She has allergies now, sniffing alot! Is that problem?
She was going to wait until next fall, right before starting college, now she wants it for prom. 
Which means the whole summer at camp as a counselor, dealing with the nose ring.

Is this a nothing deal? Like getting your ears pierced?

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@water, There are many complications that could possibly arise from getting a nose piercing......It is not like a simple ear lobe piercing.........I read up on this because my daughter wanted one, too, when she was 16.

I told her I would not give permission, but it was her choice to do it at 18 if she still wanted it, and she would have to pay for it......I printed out all the information for her that I could find on it, and in the end, she chose not to get one.

I don't judge people with nose piercings, it's a personal choice......but it involves a serious commitment to care for the piercing properly until it is completely healed, which in some types of nose piercings, can take months.

I don't know what type of nose piercing your daughter wants, but here's an article you could let her read that might change her mind:   http://tattoos.lovetoknow.com/Dangers_of_Piercing_Your_Nose

There are many other articles on it that you can find using Google.....My personal opinion is, that I would not give my permission or pay for a child under 18 to get one....

I wish you luck in dealing with this situation......Teenagers can be very demanding....I know because I had two to deal with in the past.


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Former professional piercer.

Most piercers use what is called a nostril screw and a good one will bend it into shape to fit the nostril after piercing. However, this can make it hard to change the jewellery yourself or remove it on your own. The site I linked carries the highest quality jewellery around. Also, make sure its done with really high grade stainless steel - no nickle in it, or titanium, so there is no reaction. If you buy your own jewellery at a mall or somewhere, it is probably not high quality.

It can be pierced with a labret stud (a very small one) but a lot of piercers don't do this. I generally wore labret studs in my nostril piercings, at 18 gauge (about 1mm thick, a nostril screw will be the same thickness, or a tiny bit smaller, this is pretty tiny) but its hard to switch. I don't recommend switching jewellery.

I recommend picking a nice nostril screw that you'll probably never change. 

I'll also say my nostril piercing was my second piercing (I was 16, legal age in Canada without a parent is 16, and I did have permission, but had to remove it for work, and took it out for good after I started) and easier to heal than my earlobes. 

Generally an 18 gauge needle is used and that is very small. It stings, and your eyes water. Once the jewellery is in place, it doesn't hurt. It may be tender for a bit. I recommend keeping it clean, not touching it, using simple things to heal it, such as saline (salt water, contact solution is great) and watching out for it. 

I also recommend not doing it before going to be a camp counselor because it takes a bit longer to heal, and if she's going to be in the water, around kids, getting dirty, that ups in chance for infection, irritation, etc.

If you have any questions, just ask me here. 

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