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So this past week I had a different experience.  I showed up at a school meeting and my (blunt but well-intentioned and friendly) client told me that I looked awful and not  like myself.  She told me to sit down in the waiting area and offered to carry my bags because apparently I looked off-kilter on my feet.  I sat down and probably 5-10 minutes later, I got a headache that felt like a migraine.  I took an imitrex and all of a sudden I "looked like myself again."  They still carried my bags up the stairs because I couldnt' convince them otherwise, but I was back to normal.


Is it possible that these symptoms came before the headache portion of the migraine?  And are they migraine symptoms?  For me it's always been awful headache, nausea, dizziness, etc.

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It could be manifesting and you just don't notice it. Sometimes my coworkers will ask me if I'm OK, based on looks alone, and I don't even realize I look like I'm miserable with a migraine. 

I had similar experiences with APs causing flat affect. My SO constantly asked me what was wrong, because of how I looked. I had no clue anything was going on. Even my tdoc noticed it and commented when I switched meds.

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