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My psychiatrist is ordering to have an EEG and an MRI done on me to check for epilepsy. And I'm a bit concerned about the idea of having this condition. I know what I experience.

I find my brain gets stuck in between two thoughts or I visualise objects in my sleep this causes me to get nauseated and wake up to go to the toilet in case I throw up. I've described these things as sort of like my brain crashing like a computer - stuck in between two applications. I don't get these things happening to me outside of sleep. And it's only happened once this year so far and once again about 2 years ago so it's very rare. I don't know, I'm just wondering if this is something that could get worse and if there is anything I can do. She's lowering my antipsychotics because apparently that can have a negative impact on seizures so that's good. And I'm also taking my lamotrigine at night now.

I don't know I'm just having a lot of questions going around in my mind with all this uncertainly. This is now my 4th psychiatrist in two and a half years; they never want to just settle down it seems.

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I came across the symptom called 'forced thinking', a rare type of aura which sounds like it might describe my thoughts I get. Have to do some more reading on it and maybe mention it to my psychiatrist to see what she thinks about it or maybe we're thinking on the along the same lines.

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