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I'm so fucking tired of this damn war on drugs. The persecution of doctors and even pharmacists (YES - PHARMACISTS are losing their licences in FL for filling "too many" 100% legit scripts - not forgeries, but by doctors with active DEA credentials appropriately medicating -- not some crazy ass amount of oxycodone or worse).  It leaves people like me, in chronic hard-core pain (that's only gotten worse) crying in bed from the pain.  Doctors are too afraid to treat their patients.

Meanwhile.. it's all about the poor, innocent, helpless victims of a world where pain meds exist and they've gone out of their way to get shit illegally - over -and over - and over again in order to feed a habit rather than face up to their internal demons. And it's a DISEASE.  REALLY? REALLY? FUCK THAT SHIT! It's a CHOICE. Mental issues and a physical predisposition exists, but taking one damn 5mg hydrocodone does not make someone an addict for life and take free will out of one's control.

People are dying from Fentanyl made to look like other shit.  Well, it is an illegal drug market about money and regular deaths when dealers get pissed off.  What the hell do you really expect.  Yet they're the "Victims".  No.  Victims don't make consistent choices over the course of months or even years to do something they're fully aware of the consequences of and decide they don't care and would rather be high and risk it.  And still continue to risk it, knowing it's on the market.  What do they do - buy test strips.  It's like personal responsibility no longer exists.  Probably because politicians sons and daughters are getting addicted.  It couldn't possibly be the environment they were raised in, or that they have personal issues -- nope, it's gotta be caused by some evil in the shadows that came after their poor, innocent children and hurt them.

You don't become an addict overnight and you don't get over it overnight. It's a long slow process made up of many choices.  People aren't so idiotic that they don't know what that choice they're making is.  Noo.. addiction is all about the drugs being there; whereas, mental illness is a conscious personal failing you should just be able to magically get over & not doing so is a choice.

I just saw a neurologist.  He said I'd just have to live with the pain cause I've been on all the psych meds.. and throwing opiates at it isn't a reasonable thing.  ......  Yet, after all the psych meds that were never developed to handle fibromyalgia.. the OFFICIAL medication treatment guideline says : OPIATES.  And the really sad thing is - it works for mine.

Honestly, .. I've thought about going and buying the fake shit that's actually fentanyl, dissolving it in two quarts (or even gallons) of liquid, and dosing it in tsp.  Actually seems pretty damn cost effective considering the price of medications.  I'm not going to do it.  There's probably other shit in there that'll mess with my MI chemistry/meds too.  But I considered it.

This system is fucked.

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I agree. Our system is narfed. :( I'm sorry you're in such pain cetkat. I understand how draining it is living with pain day to day. :(

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I recommend kratom.  It narrowly missed being outlawed by the DEA last fall, but... It acts like a (relatively mild) opiate. It can not be injected or snorted or smoked (actually it can physically be smoked, it's just not going to have an psychoactive effect).  It's sold as an herbal product, still legal (although you're bound to get ripped off in stores, try buying on the internet).  If one takes too much, it was make one nauseous, so overdosing is basically impossible.  And it's a whole lot easier to get for withdrawing opiate addicts than bupe.  Doctors get a hard time from medical boards and the DEA for prescribing a medication that helps addicts stay clean.  Buprenorphine is also a medication for pain control. You might want to get a new pshrink and ask for bupe or even methadone.  

Your "choice" idea is really poor, though. You're bitter, it's understandable, but a lot of people have been hooked on oxycodone BY THEIR PHYSICIANS.  You should blame irresponsible doctors, and irresponsible pharmaceutical companies, not the victims. The fact that addiction is amenable to medical treatment. "Choices" don't get better from medical treatment. Addiction does. You're just another person blaming victims for their problems- as are many of the anti-drug crusaders who are keeping the meds from you. You're kinda buying into exactly the philosophy which keeps you from getting medication in the first place. People also suffer from being overweight, and this is presented as a choice, when genetics and hormones have a it more to do with it than "willpower".

I don't really understand why you're weaving this fantasy of fentanyl into your personal suffering. Why do you entertain this fantasy of scoring "fake" fentanyl-laced heroin? Perhaps you have some idea that scoring opiates like oxycodone isn't actually that hard, while your complicated fantasy about fentanyl is. Keep meeting fellow patients in hospitals and doctor offices, tell them your story. I've heard street price of Oxys, there are a lot of little dirt poor old ladies on Medicare who are getting bottles of 30 for $8, and it's too tempting for them not to sell at least some of them. Really, it's your choice not to go the illegal route-  you complain about "addiction" not being real; well how "real" is your complaint they're not available to you?  Are you afraid of finding out you're wrong about addiction and "personal choice?"  I think you are and are right to be afraid. Note I'm not really advocating really scoring opiates, I just think you're ideas about addicts getting what they deserve is pretty cold-hearted, and a bit hypocritical on your part.

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    • By birdonawire
      The subject has probably been brought up before, but I'm new here so please indulge me. I have a couple nasty pain issues that crop up.  Unfortunately, I have a pain pill addiction that crops up as well. I  have a good friend of mine hold my pills for me, because if they're in the house I have a tendency to take them for the addiction portion of the show instead of the pain portion . 
       I'm tired of juggling, but I have no idea what else to do. I'm also trying to get depression and other mental health issues balanced as well. I just started taking Abilify on Friday and not feeling the results As of yet.
      any suggestions would be happily received, OK maybe not happily, but they would be appreciated.
    • By cloudmonger
      Ok, not sure where to post this, yet this is all tied to my mood disorder.  As mentioned in my other post, I stopped going on Facebook 2 weeks ago (it was making me severely depressed. I was passively scrolling it for HOURS everyday, yet I was never posting anything).
      My husband told me that I have simply exchanged one addiction (FB) for another, with going on this CB Forum. I told him that I post here because it is the only support I have from people that understand what I go through. This is only place (other than Therapy) where I can express myself/be accepted as who I am. People here can relate! I have no friends or support now, there are no support groups where I live. No one understands and it is causing me extreme distress.
      He says I should completely STOP going online here and on Forums, because I am avoiding interactions/going out in the "Real World" and I'm INTENTIONALLY AVOIDING making real friends or new contacts. I told him I am struggling with severe depression and have crying spells daily (he says this is an excuse)....I can barely leave the house let alone start networking, smiling with a bunch of strangers, many of these "Meetups" are in bars and drinking alcohol really effects my mood. Large groups of foreigners give me social anxiety. He suggests I get into a better routine (go out early every morning, go to the gym every single day, do class & work on my language studies all afternoon) He has this idea that a rigid/militant schedule (basically forcing myself to do things with brute force) will make the depression go away.
      I feel totally invalidated by him and don't know what to do. He doesn't want to hear about my daily struggles - he cannot relate or offer emotional support. Is going on this Forum daily a BAD THING??? Like, longterm, will it make me worse & housebound?
    • By Ironman7
      Can anyone one in crazymeds land relate to my cocktail. This cocktail allows me to live a productive, gainful life. I'm even pretty damn happy and funny most days. But when my mood cycles, watch out!! I've never hurt anyone, but I've scared people. Thanks to my medication and therapy, those episodes are infrequent now. I also have long term sobriety thanks to the 12 step process and medication.
    • By HAL9000
      How did it go?  "The only thing we have to fear.  Is fear itself!"  So a small piece of my history.  I was DXed with Anxiety and my doc suggested Xanax.  As I've had experience with a person who takes Xanax and his apparent vegging out on it I begged off.  I was afriad that whatever happened to him would happen to me.  So we went over a list of other Benzos and the only one I knew about was Valium/Diazapam.   I knew one person that took it and seemed to be perfectly functional on it.  In fact if she had not suddenly stopped taking it I would have had no idea she took it.   *Aburpt stopping a drug your taking daily like Valium can have serious baggage.   Better to taper off or better yet not take it daily - I think
      So I tried a half tab and it did nothing.  I tried 2mg and again nothing.  I asked GDoc if we could up the dose to 5 to 10 and after getting an OK I found that 5 or 6mg was where I could tell it was doing something and that was enough for occasional bouts of Anxiety.   I think the buspar helped put up a wall so that anxiety wasn't getting to the curled up on the floor or unable to drive level stuff but the occasional super tense up holding my breath and mouth drying up kind of anxiety that wasn't daily?  It worked pretty good.  Maybe a handfull of times (Finger counting amounts) I took 10 mg.  That was a tad sedating maybe too much unless its the Sky is falling levels of anxiety.
      So - the Benzos = dementia stuff started going around and I was called to turn in the unused valium and was put on Xanax (As needed)  Xanax at the 0.5 mg amount ought to have been like 10 mg of Valium from what I've read but it was (at times) underwhelming.  Or perhapes the short lived effect made the interrupted anxiety more noticeable?  Anyway I refilled it on a fairly infrequent basis because I was never in danger of using all the tabs in a month.  Then I signed up for an automated reminder system for my meds and Vitamins.   The Xanax came in monthly and for the last 4 or 5 months I just texted back "1" to refill.   The only other option was press 9 to make the system forget about reminding me about that drug.  So....  I made a complaint about Xanax maybe 0.5 was not effective or maybe I needed Xanax ER or as I put it Diazapam worked pretty well why not just go back?  I think the monthly refilling set off an alarm and I got a major talking to about addiction.  After explaining I wasn't using them all that frequent and how extra crappy things were going I got a new DX of severe Anxiety and was put back on Diazapam.   At the useless 2 mg dose and reminded not to take it everyday.  SIGH...
      So I see tdoc this week and PDoc in a week or two to figure this out.  I'm thinking of bringing in the unused tabs of Xanax to show I'm not shoveling it in.  Explain that I think I'm having a short acting or dose problem with Xanax and see if I can't get back to the dose that worked with the Diazapam. 
      Are Benzos the new Heroin of meds?  Should they be?  The stuff I read from the UK seem to imply this.  I'm seeing UK law suits against Doctors for "creating" drug addicts etc.  I don't have a dx of paranoia but it seems like the National health care types are finding ways to unprescribe a lot of drugs and therapies.  Or is this just me? 
      Whats going on with you guys?  If your taking a benzo is there a sudden signal from your doc that they want you off them?  My impression is that Xanax is far more addictive then Valium.  Or are they just two sides of the same coin?  Do you sign pledges not to misuse them?  Are you doing meds checks where you are doing an inventory of unused pills?   Real problem or?
    • By Maddie
      I was just prescribed Welbutrin for depression and ADHD. I am only 17 years old and am already showing signs of having an addictive personality. I had illegally been buying adderal pills off friends at school to help motivate me to do homework and get good grades. It worked. I had been making AMAZING grades, and not only that, but I felt like a happy person due to its euphoric side effect of amphetimine as well. At first, I would only take 10 mg every once in awhile like if I had a test or just a lot homework I needed to get done. Then it turned into taking 10mg everyday, slowly turning into taking 20mg, and sometimes I would take 20mg twice or three times in one day. I couldn't handle coming down off it, so I would just take more. Once I realized how out of control I had became, I told my parents. They weren't nearly as mad as j thought they would be. They just wanted to get me help. We went to the nurse practitioner I had been seeing for anxiety for the past few years. I was taking 100mg of Zoloft. I never have any energy of motivation to do anything and that's why I feel in love with the adderal. It gave me the confidence I needed socially and the extra boost of energy. My nurse practitioner prescribed me welbutrin. I've only taken it for 2 days now, but both today and yesterday it made me feel stoned and drunk. I don't even feel human and I just miss having the adderal high, this med is only making me tired and hungry, it's not motivating me to do anything. It's a Friday night and all I've been doing is laying in bed reading about Welbutrin and what it does to people. My throat feels swollen, I'm more emotional than I've ever been (I cry about everything), I'm tired, I feel disconnected from my body (almost like I just smoked a bowl of weed to myself), I wanna eat everything, my mouth is dry, and my anxiety has never been this bad. My doctor went ahead and took me off Zoloft, too. I really want this med to work for me. I don't want to take adderal illegally anymore, I don't wanna be addicted to it, but my depression is the worst it's ever been. My ears won't stop ringing either? Has anyone else felt this way? I hope these side effects will subside and I'll start to feel like a happy, normal person again.