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I'm autistic myself and I think it's hard. People get mad at you for reasons that you don't understand and you flutter (stim) without your general awareness of it. People also make fun of me for my fluttering hands and walking on my tiptoes. With little to no general understanding of facial expressions, I rely on my intuition to know what people are thinking. I've always been "out there" and made fun of for it. My parents, especially my critically-thinking dad don't understand me, and It's hard to articulate my complex feelings unless I'm writing it down. 

My question is, if it is hard for you, what has made it hard? 

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Yes. I didn't adapt to adult life well. I was kind of rudderless in what to do after school. My parents didn't quite understand why I played computer games so much and why I didn't see my friends all that often. My emotions are taken more into account now that people know, whilst before people would just snap at mean because what I said came out in a certain way. I think people thought they could read me well when in fact I'm harder to read because I'm quite atypical in my behaviour.

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