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My current meds

Celexa 30 mg for depression

Serqueol 600 mg for bipolar

Trazedone 100 mg for sleep

Intuniv 1 mg for ADHD 

Haldol 10 mg for aggression 

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Wow! 600mg of Seroquel? How is that working for you? I just started taking it myself, and am now at 150mg/day. I find it to be very sedating, makes me dizzy, and sometimes I feel like it makes me depressed and manic in the same day. I also wonder if it is causing my increased heartburn, but idk.


I take: Seroquel, Lamictal, Geodon, and Wellbutrin. I never wanted to take more than 2 meds, but my emerging hypomania has me running scared.

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