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one of my obsessions is over the labels I use to define myself. my sexuality (which, I know, is it's own sub-type within the framework of OCD), my subcultures, my hobbies. I feel like I can't call myself a nerd, or a writer. as if I somehow am not qualified. or I'm using the word wrong. or it just doesn't apply to me the way it applies to other people. labels eat at me, I can't stop thinking about them, but they all feel wrong. nothing fits, nothing's right. but I need to know what is right. I need to sort myself into boxes so I make sense. so I'm not chaos made flesh. I feel like if I can't define myself, with certainty, that I'm not a person. 

does anyone else have this?

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Well, in a sense. We use labels because they help identify things. Put things into nice understandable categories. Unfortunately, (or fortunately, I suppose it depends on perspective) humans are simply too complicated to pigeon hole. It would make things easier in a sense, but as a rule, I run away from labels as fast as possible. 

In short, I would recommend not trying to even attempt putting yourself in a box because it will only disappoint you when you recognize you don't really fit inside it. Everyone is simply too different. However dealing with OCD is a completely different thing. If you have OCD with this you don't even want to be thinking about it, you just do. it might not even bother you, but the thoughts just won't stop. There are a number of techniques that a therapist can help with obsessive thoughts and behaviours and obviously medications ect.

Outside of the clinical aspect. Don't depend on others to define your identity. It will only lead you down a wrong path. This isn't really OCD advice though. That is a different beast. 

As far as my OCD in this regard, no. My OCD is usually about getting things "perfect." Cleaning my car, combing my hair, tucking in a shirt exactly correct, obsessing about every little rattle in a car, physical characteristics, essentially getting things that aren't broken "fixed."

I hope this helps. 

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that's all false lower self stuff so not supposed to b u. Sex, world hobbies, body image...is not yr spirit/soul, simply a weaker way to express yr self while yr stuck h e r e , and its a worldly program to deceive u so u don't consciously evolve mor. Basically distractions and trying to kill yr soul (tru self)

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^^ ignore above. Thinking he's sorely lacking protein in order to make substantial statements. 

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You put something into words that I've struggled explaining for years. You're definitely not alone here.

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      I'm a 43 yo guy who's been severely depressed since I was 19 and I'm amazed I'm still alive. Antidepressants (and there's very few I haven't tried, including the popular combos) either do nothing, make me more depressed or help partially for a few weeks and then poop-out. I've never had mania/hypomania (other than a period on Abilify).
      After my stay at an inpatient psych ward in February, a young PDoc added Lithium to my Nardil (which, incidentally has been my most successful med to date but now does nothing) on the hunch that I might be BP2-ish. Whilst I can't say I went "WOO I'M FIXED", the Lithium certainly had a positive effect for a couple of months. Which has since just waned and stopped. So now I'm desperately depressed again. 
      I'm seeing my PDoc soon to discuss alternative BP2 treatments. Top of my list of suggestions (since he is malleable in his dispensing) is Lamictal. But should it be? I read a lot of positive feedback on it's effect on depression but the data says it's poor. Should I perhaps be aiming towards an alternative? There are so many it's quite bewildering and I'm relatively new to the BP2 scenario.
      Any tips are most appreciated.
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      I have an extreme fear of water. Not lakes or oceans but DRIPPING WATER. Turn off the shower and I panic. I refuse to take baths because I cannot stand to watch the faucet drip. I hate the rain because I hear dripping. I am the same way about anything that CLICKS or TICKS. Hot water tanks, scare the crud out of me because they ‘tick’. My children aren’t allowed to use hot water after 8.
      My future husband and I just bought our first home together. It has an energy efficient heating system which creates condensation vs. the old heating systems that did not. Well the drain for the condensation line DRIPS into the drain for the wash machine. I heard this and went into complete panic...running out of the house screaming and pure panic. I try to not let my kids witness me acting like this because it’s ridiculous. That is the thing, I KNOW and REALIZE how ridiculous my fears are. Yet I cannot control it. If I hear a drip, tick or click noise I go Into a pure panic. It’s embarrassing. It’s ridiculous, and I’m tired of constantly wearing earplugs and living in extreme fear of noises. I start shaking, my heart races, I get soooo hot, I can’t stop it! I feel nauseous my stomach goes into horrible knots....
      I have talked to therapists in the past-they are so quick to offer any medication. I don’t want medication, I want to know WHY I do this? I can’t think of anything from my childhood that would cause this and I have been this way as long as I can remember (I’m now almost 40). Does it sound like anxiety? Panic? Ocd? 
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      I am on day 2 of freaking out about my nails. Backstory: Ever since I can remember, I have obsessed over my fingernails. I traded one obsession for another. Awful nail biting turned into polishing and then picking it off every other day. Then I began clipping the skin around my nails obsessively. I've done this for ~ 15 years. I also had nail enhancements (acrylics, gel manicures, press-ons, etc.) constantly.  I have over 120 bottles of nail polish and a tub of enhancement tools to do acrylics and such.
      My husband finally demanded I get help. I constantly bite the skin around the nails, pick at it, or am touching/tapping/clicking my fingernails constantly. It is a nervous tick I never realized had gotten out of control. My husband took my cuticle nipper tool away and told me to bring this up to my psychiatrist. Since he made me aware of this, I have started realizing how often I mess with my nails. It is nearly constantly and habitual.  (I counted my fingers in my mouth about 4 times in an hour, and that is just what I became aware of.)
      Currently, my nails are all-natural. It is killing me. I normally have some sort of polish or other enhancement. My cuticle nipper is hidden. It is killing me. The only thing I AM allowed right now is cuticle oil to keep my very toughened skin moisturized. After years of clipping, it is pretty much calloused. I hate obsessing like this, but I figured this would be the place to vent this panic/obsession.
      Any suggestions for me?
    • By hannahthered
      Hi, I'm Hannah.  I've had generalized anxiety and OCD all my life and developed major depressive disorder around 11 years old, but I was not properly diagnosed until I was 13.  They've put me on lots of meds since then, most of which either didn't work or had shitty side effects.  Around the time I was 14-15, I even had some psychotic features during my worst depressive episodes, and some of my medications were only making things worse.  Now, at 16, things are at an all time low, and I came here to talk to some people who are in similar situations.  My current medications are Pristiq (Desvenlafaxine) and Risperdal, with a Deplin supplement.  Long story short, school sucks ass and it's making things worse.
      That's pretty much all from me.  Hello, CB! 
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      I'm currently on the lowest dose of Risperdal for severe OCD.  Not long after I started taking it, I nearly fainted in class and had to go home for the day.  The dizziness came on very quickly, and my vision started to turn black (to put it simply.  The effect is hard to describe)  I could hardly hear what people were saying, and the event lasted for a very short amount of time.  I felt nauseous, and my stomach was in a lot of pain.
      Is this a common side effect of Risperdal (assuming it was caused by this particular drug)?  If so, has anybody else had a similar experience with this medication?