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Stimulants & Obsessive hyperfocus?

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Ritalin has been helping me quite a bit with focus/cognition and "staying power" to complete mental tasks....Unfortunately, sometimes, I feel like I get way too Hyperfocused on 1 thing that is not important and I cannot switch my attention back to the important task/tasks that I need to do!!

For example: i have a writing assignment due at work tomorrow (I have not started it) Instead, I come here and read way too many posts, then I start deeply researching online some other unrelated & obtuse topic and I just realized that I have wasted HOURS. I have totally procrastinated/avoided an obligation. Oh and also...very wierd, I'll write a long email to a friend, and then obsessively read it over & over & over again to make sure I didn't make a mistake!! Is that OCD or what?

I also have noticed that my thoughts have been a little more obsessive - like hyperfocused/stuck on one topic/idea and it's difficult to switch gears. Is this bad? I don't want to have to go off the med because I do feel like it has really helped me. Now, I'm a bit worried (I did take more IR today, so perhaps that is why I'm getting this side effect?) Maybe I should just stick with the extended & not the IR dosing.

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Surprised no one responded to this earlier. I've had a bit of that with ADHD meds and with Focalin in particular. My tentative theory is that I was taking a bit too much. Now taking small dose of Focalin to see if I can sneak up on the right dose without overdoing it. Maybe you need to try less?

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I noticed this specifically when I was taking dexmethylphenidate (Focalin). Also on Adderall but to a lesser degree. Don't feel that way as much though on Vyvanse.

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    • By Blahblah
      Just an observation...I have had Ritalin (20mg extended) as part of my cocktail for maybe 9 months now. My pdoc advised me to take as needed during work week, with breaks on weekends to maintain the same efficacy. After several months, I was wondering if it was even doing anything at all...i mean, very early on, the increase in energy, or lack of appetite, high motivation went away, and I was often questioning whether it was actually doing anything anymore.
      Well I was wrong! Due to a date error on my prescription, I couldn't get it filled at the pharmacy and I've been off of it for a full 7 days now, waiting for a revised RX. I've felt much more tired this week, apathetic, major brain fog, lazy, it has been extremely difficult to get out of bed. (I didn't have work this morning, and I stayed in bed until noon! When I'm usually up at 8am)!! I am eating/snacking much more this week. Do you guys think this is all do to being off Ritalin 1 week? To note: I've also increased Effexor (112-150mg)...
    • By Blahblah
      I have been on Ritalin LA (20mg) for about 9 months, mainly as an add-on for depression/apathy. Pretty regular in taking it everyday. I've noticed within a month, it wasn't doing nearly as much (as far as increased motivation/energy/better mood), although my focus/concentration is still very good. Also, despite eating a similar diet (taking it on same schedule), it works really inconsistently, like somedays it does nothing at all....
      I just took a week-long break from it during vacation, and now that I've restarted, the effect is better again. Is this normal for everyone with stimulants? My doc doesn't want to increase my dose. Maybe I should just start taking my additional IR PRN everyday or take week-long breaks? I worry about tolerance...
      Is IR taken twice per day more effective? I worry that if I just switch to IR dosing, i will feel a bit of a "crash" in between, it won't be as smooth...Any thoughts??
    • By browri
      I'm currently taking Vyvanse, and I've heard that straight amphetamine-based stimulants like Adderall and Vyvanse can be stronger stimulants than the methylphenidate class like Ritalin, Concerta (Ritalin XR), and Focalin. I'm considering talking to my doctor about something more mild, and I'm looking at the methylphenidates as an option.
      What I know about Adderall and Vyvanse is that there are differences. Even if Vyvanse is just the dextro- enantiomer of the amphetamine molecule. What I also know is that dextroamphetamine (along with lisdexamfetamine) has more of an effect on dopamine than levoamphetamine which is found mixed with dextroamphetamine in Adderall, and levoamphetamine has more of an effect on norepinephrine.
      Are there similar differences between methylphenidate and dexmethylphenidate? Where one may effect a certain neurotransmitter more than the other would? I'm curious specifically about pharmacology differences and even the slightest differences in mechanism of action. Curious as to what anyone might have to say here.
    • By cloudmonger
      From what I understand, RitalinSR is intermediate-acting (lasts up to 5 hours) where RitalinLA and Concerta are both longer-acting (like up to 8+ hours) Other than this, is there any other difference between the 2?
      Do you feel different on each of them? For me, with RitalinSR, the effect was fairly quick, peak action within 2 hours, but would wear off usually within 4 hours. The good thing though, was that I would get tired in the afternoon/early evening and sleep really really well. If I were to go on Concerta, would it wreck my sleep schedule?
    • By cloudmonger
      Please help. New to this board. Have NOT found effective treatment, spent long periods of time (not on any meds and fairly stable), but still always Depressed.  Main issue severe Depression (along with some misc ADD-type issues) I’ve never experienced Mania. I had a SSRI-induced psychotic episode 20 years ago and for the last 5 yrs experiencing troublesome, erratic “cycling” of intense depression, anxiety, irritation/aggravation, passing suicidal thoughts, my doc thinks this is because my Bipolar is untreated & I need a mood stabilizer.
      Over the last 20 years, I have taken all of the SSRI’s, SNRI’s, Antipsychotics, Lithium, etc with intolerable side effects and horrible withdrawal syndromes...Ritalin is the only thing that helped my Depression & motivation issues (but since moving, no doctor will prescribe it to me.)
      Only med I agreed to try again right now is Lamictal due to it’s low side effect profile. I have some concerns though:
      1.) Does it make you MORE tired (already struggle with low energy and fatigue)?
      2.) Does it effect your Cognitive abilities (i.e. memory issues, ability to think sharply & quickly process info, I have focus/motivation issues!!)?
      3.) Has anyone taken this during pregnancy with no issues?
      4.) Has anyone taken Lamictal & Ritalin simultaneously to treat both the cycling and depression/inattention issues?
      5.) Withdrawal - Been reading increasingly of bad cases of Withdrawal from Lamictal… has me very worried if I try to go off it!!!