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Social anxiety & drinking

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Who else has to drink before social functions?

I drink pretty much now for everything social such as parties even to hangout with a buddy or two...just about everything. Alcohol is my crutch now and I like to mix it with Kpin when I have it. Anybody else do this? 

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It is dangerous to mix a benzo such as Klonopin with alcohol. People end up dead doing things like that.

Having said that, yes, I do have a beer at parties so that I can function in that social setting. However, I don't drink at other social occasions, and the number of parties I go to each year I can count on less than one hand. In general, I drink very little because it is foolish to take meds for depression and then undercut them by drinking.

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Yes, I self medicated with alcohol for about 20 years until I had to go to six weeks of inpatient and eight weeks of outpatient treatment this year.  Sober 106 days...

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    • By ThisGuy
      Hi! So I'll start with history, I guess. I have always liked drinking. It helped with anxiety. The drinking started to get really bad after the loss of two family members within several months. It got unmanageable after taking care of my dad through hospice until the day he passed. That was a couple months after the last family member I lost. The drinking continued through the next year as I had bad depression. In the middle of that year I lost two more family members. The drinking continued. Blacking out often. Hiding bottles from the wife. Taking a couple of shots at lunch until I could get home. At this time I also started having hypersexuality issues. Having a really hard time concentrating on work daydreaming about sex and the reckless encounters I had trying to fulfill the need for sex. No matter how much sex I had I was in need of more within a half hour. On my last visit to the docs to renew my Lexapro 20mg prescription, I let him know that my depression was getting worse so he gave me bupropion xl 300mg. Within a week and a half my craving for sex and drinking went away. I didn't tell the doc about my issues because I was to embarrassed.
      Can anyone explain why the bupropion helped? Does this mean anything in relation to dopamine and my issues? Does this fall under any illness category?
      Thank you in advance for your polite and insightful thoughts!
    • By RisingRayne
      I have thought about this for a long time but have never signed up. I have bad social anxiety and some attention issues/going mentally blank from anxiety. 
      1. Has anyone done this for therapetic reasons? 
      2. Anyone brave enough to make a contract between us, if I do it, you will too? It would mean the world to me to have a buddy.
    • By Candy6544
      So I just started Latuda and I am an avid user of alcohol and marijuana (its legal in my state)
      I currently take geodon, lamictal, and lithium but I just added latuda
      everything seemed like it was actually working great with Latuda but after I used "weed" and alcohol my brain is in bad shape and slowly getting better 
      It really left my mind foggy and inattentative in the morning because of  combining the marijuana and alcohol with it.
      at first it was going great but mixing those things with it really left my mind not all there  
      moral of the story if you take other bipolar/schizophrenia meds alongside Latuda DO NOT do any marijuana as well it'll ruin your brain over time trust me. Other antipsychotics can cause this effect too
      i hope this helps those who are struggling with substance abuse alongside any of these meds because they can help you greatly but marijuana will fry with your brain with them overtime mixing them
    • By Blahblah
      I keep saying that I want to take a break from drinking. I don't drink everyday, but on the weekends, I have about 3-5 drinks (beer/wine usually). I feel like it's not even affecting me like it used to...no buzz, just feel tired and more apathetic the next day...then I overcompensate by drinking 4 coffees and maybe taking extra Ritalin. Not good.
      Anyhow, I'm curious to hear others experiences and tips about sobriety (either longterm or taking 1-2 month breaks). How do you succeed or reward yourself?? I am trying to meet new people, which is a drag, and all of the meetups are at concerts, bars, party events where a lot of drinking happens, it's summer and I go out and see everyone drinking nice cold beer. If I avoid these meetups, I am even more depressed and isolated. There are no other activities that I enjoy really (like sports, films, etc) I get so incredibly bored trying to be sober at these things and then most people assume that you have a drinking problem (reason for avoiding alcohol)
    • By shimmeree
      This was about a month and a half ago.  Drunkenly fell face first into a glass door.  Major forehead contusion that leaked into both eye sockets leading to double black eyes.  I told both my tdoc and pdoc that I'd tripped on the doormat.  That was true, but I didn't mention the booze involved.  I didn't lose consciousness, but my left eyesight was blurry for a week.  Mentioning that to my pdoc, he said I was probably concussed.  
      You'd think that was a wake up call, but no.  Even landing my car upside down and being arrested for DUI 10 years ago didn't stop me.  
      I lost my stepdad in October.  He was 30 years sober, and very active in AA.  
      I feel like my alcoholism is such a disservice to him.  My missing him makes me want to drink.  How fucked up is that?