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So I've been with my boyfriend on and off for almost 5 years. I want to love him I really do, I want to have a good relationship. But we don't even have sex. I'm 21 years old, almost 22. I still love with my mom and I suffer from depression. I'm worried I'll fall into a spiral of depression like I did the last time we broke up and I almost committed suicide. It would be so much easier if I had someone to talk to to tell me it would all be fine and i will find somebody else who makes me way more happy. Honestly I don't remember when my life was somewhat normal. I work 50,000 times harder then my boyfriend. I actually make decent money and I'm going places and being recognized for things I do. Where as my boyfriend hasn't worked in months, he just now got a job that pays him an average amount of money. For a man I think it's shit pay. My dad and all the men in my family basically except my mom side. Work super hard for their cash. My dads side is very traditional in that sense. So the fact that I'm dating a low life is very concerning. I have cheated and we broke up then got back together a few times. We have got in raging fights etc I've thrown things. Clearly very unhealthy. I used to be much happier. I wish I had friends. My only friend is my mom and him. It's very depressing. Right now I'm on a very low dose of escitalopram. Which helps a bit and my job definitely helps but I don't have a good support system at home. I miss having friends and a supportive boyfriend. I don't know how to help this situation. Or maybe I do and I just need some encouragement. Any advice? Anyone been through something similar? No judgment please. If I want judgment I'll go to Yahoo answers... lol thanks in advance 🤗😩 

photo is from when we first started dating maybe less than I year in. 

2015-02-26 17.58.44.png

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I'm sorry, that's a tough spot. If you think someone is deadweight your instincts are probably right. I mean the fact u can't talk to him about this is a pretty big red flag, and it seems like he's not meeting your needs very well. Just going thru the motions isn't fair to you or him. Do you have a therapist? I find they are a good objective voice of reason for situations like these...at least mine is. Break ups suck, but does getting held down suck more? Sorry that sounds cynical...my point is why be with someone who can't make you happy...I'm not great to give advice on the actual method of breakup...but if your gonna do it be firm and don't look back. I'm sure friends will come in time. All the best 

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I remember when I was your age I stayed in relationships with boyfriends I didn't love for a while, I think it was for security but that would make me more depressed. I look back and think why did I waste my time. I started taking Paxil and it really helped me and I began making friends, it really did change my whole life . In retrospect I think I probably also needed a mood stabilizer but 20 years later I'm now dealing with that issue. If you believe you get suicidal I would suggest seeing a psychiatrist, feeling suicidal makes me think that you are in a lot of pain and of course it would make trying to get out of an unhealthy relationship difficult. You may have already tried medication but if you get that depressed you probably need to see a therapist and or psychiatrist. The good news is that you like to work hard which tells me that you can still function but you deserve to be happy and enjoy the fruits of your labor. Good luck but make it your number one priority to deal with your depression. Also, as a side note, while I was on Paxil (which I still take) I met my husband who I am  still with and love dearly and when I go through stages where I am depressed he so supportive and sensitive and is really there for me so there is hope that you will find the right one!

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    • By Yelena
      Hi all! I'm mom of adult son who has psychoses episode five month ago. He was under olanzapine for 1,5 month and then decided stop it. Generally, he did OK, he started to work  tow month ago and shown good sigh of recovery. But lately his mood starts to be constantly bad and now we have to admit he is in deep depression. If there somebody who made or under recovery after psychotic episode, pleas shear your thoughts, I would really appreciate it. It would help me a lot to understand what is going on with my son. Thank you!
    • By Gatorgirl
      I don’t know where to go from here. My issues seem so endless and treatment-resistant even though I’ve never been told that. I just feel so lost and scared that nothing and no one can help me...
      my issues consist of severe clinical depression, panic attacks, generalized anxiety, OCD, and depersonalization/derealization.
      I’m on meds... Anafranil 200 mg, Klonopin 2 mg, and Rexulti 2 mg. I still just feel so blah, hopeless, dead already, etc. 
      Can anyone give me suggestions of where to go from here? What meds to try? I had genetic testing done too for med compatibility of that helps at all...
      Thank you kindly for your replies 😊 
    • By Dewey
      My psych doc has called two times to see if I started on the Latuda.  I haven't.  I originally wanted to wait until the Seroquel and Pamelor left my system before I started anything new.  That was 3 weeks ago.  Now experiencing inking in of paranoia, insomnia, fear, anxiety, depression, more migraine and it's preventing me from starting Latuda. 
      I have some key appointments I have to keep between now and the end of the month that I absolutely cannot cancel.  I don't want to start Latuda and experience overwhelming side effects that will scare me from leaving my home to make these appointments.  However, living in agony with these symptoms is horrible and I know I need to start on the Latuda.  After todays appointment, I will have 10 business days until my next appointment, I could take a small sample and see how I react for a few days. 
      I'm also still spending like crazy, have maxed out all my credit cards, applied for more.  I know I am doing this to comfort myself.  However, I am now sending back more than half what I am buying, but I am in trouble with one credit card.  I called my bank and asked for help and they agreed to suspend my credit card until I get it under the credit limit.  All this spending started after I watched my neighbor pass away and since then I have not been doing my daily walk because the only path I can use with my rollator is right where she passed away.  I just haven't been able to get myself beyond this. 
      I tried starting with a trauma therapist but that ended badly, she wanted me to discuss my past traumas in detail during the first and second meeting and half way thru the second meeting I flew out of her room having a panic attack.  I kept warning her I needed to work on grounding and she wouldn't, so won't go back.  She hasn't called to see why I haven't been back, so will let that one go. 
      I'm a basket case right now. 
    • By AyYiYikes
      This is something I’m thinking about a lot lately. People without a mental illness don’t understand the costs we have: broken relationships, lost jobs, and poor spending episodes (putting it mildly). Add in all the costs of meds, doctor visits, therapy appointments - I didn’t choose this, but it is what it is.
      Staying on meds, for me, has created some stability after years without any. But now I face homelessness in a couple days unless a miracle occurs. I’m pissed off at myself for HAVING this, although I can’t control that I do.
      I’ve been depressed for quite a while, but still able to get to work. Over a year ago, when first diagnosed, I was off a few months, a total wreck, and am still crawling out from the financial fallout.  Last month the pdoc added a new med. Within a week, I was hearing voices (not something I do) and was terribly depressed and had suicidal ideation. I quit the med and felt better within a week. During that time I took two days off work and hibernated, feeling hopeless and majorly depressed the first day. The next day I went to the pdoc and told her the effects of the new med I’d stopped. I went because my work demands a dr note to return to work. Telling her I felt like crap but have to work because I’m alone and have no back-up for money, I needed the note. She refused and said I’d get no note until I went through IOP.  I went and after week 3 I told a dr there I’m ok and can’t continue because I must work. Got the note, no problem. They said they wanted me to stay off at least 2 more weeks, maybe more, but gave me the release. *sigh*
      Been back at work a couple wks and doing pretty well. The first of the month came and I had no way to pay my rent. A small disability pymt was expected but hadn’t arrived (not enough for rent anyway). The way our pay works, and since I was gone 3 wks, no pay for me until the end of the month.
      Yesterday I came home to a 3 day notice on my door. The property management is a big corporation and not willing to even give a few days and see from my dr release I’ve been out, doctor’s orders. I’ve asked a couple of people but they can’t help. I’m sad that I’ve failed. Loathing myself and my illness at all right now, I’m just hit in the face how much having this sucks. 
      The costs go way beyond buying something one doesn’t need. Even when doing things the way they’re supposed to be done, it still can bite ya in the butt. Tired. Exhausted. Fed up.
      Rant over.
    • By Blahblah
       I've posted on this topic before, because I'm really wondering why this is happening to me, but not on other people that have been on higher-dose stimulants (without breaks) for MUCH longer....
      I re-instated Ritalin (after a 4 month break) due to increase in work focus-cognitive tasks and sustained motivation. My pdoc also increased the dosage because previous dose (only 20mgLA & 10mg IR) was low and wearing off early. Was told I could experiment, but to take weekends off in order to "rest" . In the last 3 weeks, I've noticed drastic improvements in my mood, motivation, ability to focus on intellectual tasks/reading, and a positivity, calmness in general.
      Problem is, I am psychologically addicted. When I try to break on the weekends, I can't get out of bed, barely prepare food for myself (despite hunger), and shower, basically, these symptoms are MUCH worse than before I was taking it! I'm concerned that I'll need to keep increasing the dose, take it everyday, and eventually, it will make my condition/functioning worse in the long run (exacerbating the problem). I had old pdocs that would not prescribe me stimulants for exactly this reason.....
      Any ideas guys? I'm very compliant, and have no inclination to abuse the dosage. This is the only thing that's made a dent in my mood and functioning and does not seem like a long-term solution!