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olanzapine and psychotherapy

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Hi, my new doc told me I should give olanzapine a try because of lack of sleep. Has anyone else tried this med? I don't really dig the idea of taking something that is tagged as "sedative" and "anti-psychotic". Why would I need an "anti-psychotic" for sleeping? What kind of "sedative" effects does this pill create? I don't want to go around all numb'd down.

The meds they give me usually don't work, anti-depressants have all been useless. Only lamotrigine has made me feel better. I really don't trust this olanzapine thing, I don't even like it's name, sounds trashy.

Also, has anyone felt psychotherapy does help or have any kind of benefit beyond "venting out"? I could get it for free because of the mental health program in my country (just as the meds). I have tried it before and it was really a waste of time and it is frustating to hear someone just turn thoughts upside down and pretend it is some kind of insightful and constructive feedback, life if that wasn't something someone neurotic (as me and I guess some of you are since we share some kind of mental trait*) does all the time. At least that was my experience. To the ones here with good experiences with psychotherapy, how do think it helped you? My old doc once told me psychotherapy made a difference between people with mental problems getting a career and stuff like that. The difference was that the ones who did psychotherapy were 80% more likely to develop some kind of stable career. I think the thing is that 80% of every group of people will most likely be able to develop a career, regardless of psychotherapy or MI, so the stadistics just putted the "psychotherapy made this possible!" watermark to it. idk. 

*: That made me question if people with bipolar or other mental illness share some traits beyond the diagnosis? Have you guys noticed some kind of pattern? this is not really important, just thought it was interesting

Thanks for reading (: 

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At doses under 300 mg it acts as a big antihistamine, and a sedating one. So you slowly fiddle to find the dose that keeps you asleep but is not too sedating during the day.


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Atypical Antipsychotic are used for all sorts of things besides psychosis. It's just the name of the class of meds. I used Latuda for Bipolar depression, and I was doing the best that I had in years. Unfortunately, it cost too much for me to continue. I also take Risperdal for mania and mixed moods, but stop taking it about a month after I stabilize.

I'm going to move this to anti-psychotics, that way more people than just we bipolar people can chime in.

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Is olanzipone Latuda?

my pdoc tried to get me to take Latuda yesterday -- but considering I did not know it's potential side effects I decided to go back on the Seroquel I had stopped taking. At least I know what it does to me. 

If you need to develop a regular sleep schedule, low-dose antipsychotics can help with that. They act more as a sedative than an antipsychotic at lower doses. 

What do you think you're going to do? 

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1 hour ago, sStrangelove said:

Is olanzipone Latuda?

No, the original olanzapine brand name is Zyprexa.

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