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estoy aqui....

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This is an introduction post.

I have posted some other threads, but this is what:


- i used to see some NHS "people" years ago, who because they were spiritualists and "thought I looked intelligent" and deserved to be bullied and then said I shouldn't amount to much since i was nothing in life. because of this, i hold an immense of hatred of psychiatry and believe it should be banned for all future time. even in millennia time, it should not see the time of day.

- I can speak intermediate Spanish, as a first step to being a polyglot. So yes, I am here....

- I despise psychiatry so much, that I post on various site promoting my anti-psychiatry theories. it's pretty much telling, since everybody says it's "benevolent", but it's a just a lie.

- I am a digital marketer, and I work as an online dispath co-ordinator in Northampton, UK.  I run several social media accounts, and have grown followers on all of them, and boosted engagement many times.

- I don't think i have a diagnosed disorder, but then i have the feeling that medical NHS "pros" are out to label me with things they would never dare their favourites...i'm not bothered really. i genuninely don't care who likes/respects me or not, i don't dwell it ever....

- I don't like hot women. i find they are socially grating and entitled, and they all have malevolent attitudes. it's not for me to be around negativity.

i'm probably too independent for my own good. but i don't care.

i love to just go on a bus, and visit places. 


so i am bitter a bit, but whatever. i just accept it as is.

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