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Images when I bolt awake at night...

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Maybe this is just normal, idk? I wake frequently at night, and lately, the last few months, when I first wake, there are images. Like, one of my cats is on the nightstand. Then I sit up a bit, and no, it's not, just a shadow. Or, the horrible feeling that someone's in my bedroom, standing over me. Then, sitting up, realizing it's once again a shadow. It's frightening when I wake, it seems the shadows are ominous, like there's something there. 

Does anyone else experience this? 

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I had this problem over the summer.  It got so bad that I wouldn't open my eyes when I woke up, I'd crash around with my eyes closed until I got the light on because I was so afraid of what I saw in the shadows.  Because of the fear, and obsessive rituals and prayers I was trying to make it stop, I started sleeping less, which made everything else worse.  I was starting to see little dark figures walking around when I was still up and the lights were on.  I re-started Seroquel (I hadn't taken it in over a year) after a few weeks of being utterly terrified, the med helped me to finally sleep a little bit.  It took about a week and a half of sleeping (more than 4 hours) and it all started getting better.   But I will be honest and say I did some weird things trying to rid myself of whatever it was I thought was lurking around me for those couple of months.  

I hope it gets better for you, it was a frightening experience for me.  But the whole thing did eventually pass and now I lay down and wake up in a normal looking room again.  

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