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Schizophrenia: stolen minds, stolen lives movie

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This youtube video is a documentary about schizophrenia and brain development. I thought it was nice to watch because it wasn't judgmental. The whole thing is pretty interesting. There's a part where they study a set of twins and one has schizophrenia and the other doesn't. a

They recreate what it's like to have psychosis and paranoia a few times. It's so scary and really realistic to me. They did a better job with this than I've seen before. Watch the whole movie for the informative and heartfelt insight into schizophrenia or skip to 26:35 for intense creepy dramatization. 

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The research was really interesting to me. The brains of some of the patients were noticeably changed in size and symmetry, suggesting that either schizophrenia itself can change the brain or they speculated it could also be the result of medication. I wonder which it is. They used MRI to show the differences. 

Some of the researchers suggested treating patients with antipsychotics to prevent the onset of mental illness. The young woman at the end wasn't diagnosed with a mental illness, but took meds because she was 'at risk' for schizophrenia. I wonder if this will become common.

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