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The Sleep center just called me this morning and got the results back from my Frist Sleep Study stating I have Severe Sleep Apnea and that my oxygen Level was very low they want me to come  back tomorrow night at 9pm for another sleep study only this time I will be fitted with  a cpap mask and machine and sent home with one so wish me Luck that this experience is better than last time and that the tech I have is a a little more tolerant of my situation and isn't a complete ass and treat me like something is wrong with me when I flip and flop at night that's how it is. That's just what I do I cant sleep still sorry its not going to happen and I don't care  if they have to come and put the wires back on if they come off during the night they just need to deal with it or I will leave and come home and that's a fact. Hopefully this will be the last night of staying over at the sleep center now that I have a diagnoses I can treat it at home once I am shown how to use the cpap machine.

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We don't and can't diagnose around here, but I knew the symptoms you were having sounded an awful lot like sleep apnea. I'm glad you got a diagnosis and will get a c-pap machine. I think you will feel much, much better.

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