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An important life lesson learned from my despair

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I have learned that positive emotions are how we experience the joy, beauty, love, and good values of this life and universe.  When I feel a positive emotion, that is like me getting a surge of sheer joy and beauty from the universe itself.  Nothing compares to this.  Values founded upon intellect, morals, higher obligations and responsibilities, and character strength/development are nothing in comparison.  They do not bring our lives any real value at all since they do not allow us to experience any good and beautiful values in our lives.  These intellectual and moral values are founded upon words.  That is, the words we think and the actions we perform.  But positive emotions are good and beautiful values that go beyond words. 

Positive emotions are like a holy and sacred life force to our lives while words themselves cannot be this life force which means intellectual and moral values would have to be completely empty and do not bring our lives any real value.  Lastly, negative emotions such as feelings of despair and grief would have to be the inner darkness since they are the opposite of positive emotions which would be like the inner light to our lives and conscious being.  Therefore, having a depressive illness can only take away the inner light in your life and render your life of little to no good value and beauty depending upon how much your positive emotions are sapped out of you.  If you have only a small degree of positive emotions, then your life can only hold a slim amount of good value and beauty.  But if you have a large degree of positive emotions in your life, then your life has a bigger amount of good value and beauty.

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