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I realised several months ago, with the help of a period tracker on my phone, that I was becoming extremely suicidal when the app told me I was 'ovulating'. To the extent that on more than one occasion it was at the follow through level.

This isn't really something that's documented anywhere. It seems from googling that maybe other people experience it but it's definitely not recognised like PMDD. Either my case manager or psych suggested maybe because it isn't followed up by a period, that unless you use a tracking system like an app it would be hard to know.

This is following having been on birth control for many years because I had noticed some sort of pattern when I was younger.

I wanted to know if anyone else had experienced this? Especially people with MH issues. The doctor hadn't heard of anything like it but didn't dismiss it. I guess it's hard when something correlates really obviously like this but there's no proven reason, it helps to know you're not alone.

Regardless, I have finally found an amazing GP who was willing to discuss thing with me and I'm going to go back on the birth control I was on previously to see if it helps because this is ridiculous. I haven't been this suicidal since before I was on it. For anyone interested that's the Implanon; I know it gets a bad rep for making mental health worse but it's not always the case.

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For many years I experienced PMMD with symptoms you describe. I'd feel OK & fully stable for 3 weeks, and then like clockwork, 4 days the week before my period, I would get unbearably crazy, sensitive, agitated and suicidal. It was literally disabling...previous pdocs thought I was Bipolar. But then I'd always stabilize when my cycle started. I can't take birth control because of side effects and it made me lazy/more depressed. The pattern resolved, I'm not sure how...but I've been trialing different meds and the combo of 3 that I'm on now seems to be preventing the monthly downward spiral (knock on wood).

If Birth Control is stabilizing your mood, then why not stay on it? Some people take Prozac (or Pristique) 2 weeks per month, but I don't know how effective that method is - i tried that and it didn't help me.

If this pattern still bothers you, I'd recommend seeing an Endocrinologist that can do a full blood panel, checking hormone levels, thyroid, sometimes psych meds can mess with your thyroid, etc. Fluctuating hormones, biology and mood are all interconnected & complex.

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Thanks for your reply. I'm sorry you experience similar stuff. At least PMDD is becoming more recognised, hopefully it keeps being more understood. Whatever is going on with me seems to not exist at least in the medical world because its not happening before my period. Years ago someone suggested I had my hormone levels looked at but there was only one specialist and it wasn't covered by the health care system so I just couldn't afford it. I know it's not the basic stuff like my thyroid. I ended up starting back on the HBC yesterday, fingers crossed it helps. My doctor was really lovely and positive about it.

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