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DC Professionals Support Group?

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Hey all!

I am going to be starting a job at an NGO in DC soonish and I am wondering if there are any support groups for DC professionals out there. I have bipolar 2, and I've worked in this sector before (at this exact org. to be precise), but I had to leave do to my illness cycling. This is a pattern with me, I obtain a fulltime, somewhat demanding (yet rewarding) job in my field that I ultimately have to leave due to my illness. I'm going in this time armed with new meds, better coping strategies, and a stronger support system in place so I'm hopeful this time it will work out a bit better, but I'd really like to add a support group to the mix.

I'm specifically hoping for a group of individuals in similar circumstances, i.e people who are trying to hold down full-time employment in the demanding DC culture. I've been to other groups in the area in the past, but none with anyone in my position. I've done some googling, but no luck so far. Anyone out there like me who knows of a group? Maybe anyone who wants to start a group? Thanks!

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I can very much relate to your issues with struggling in the professional workplace with MI.  Sometimes it's simply a matter of having more moral support and other people who are dealing with the same things, so you don't feel completely alone like a freak. I'm not in DC nor in that work area, however, I've been looking for similar in-person support groups for working professionals as well. There aren't any here unfortunately. The only support groups I find are connected to hospitals, like oupatient-programs for people who are unable to work.

This why I come here to an online forum. I honestly get some of the best feedback/support when I post here. People here actually understand and aren't judgey. I have also noticed that more and more, there are Facebook support groups, but I am hesitant to actually post anything there due to someone tracking it back to my real FB profile.

Perhaps if you don't  find anything, you could start a DC Professionals support group on Meetup.com? I don't know if you are looking for a therapist-lead structured group or just a more informal "sharing" type support group? Anyway, good luck!! Tell us what you end up doing!

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