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I have been dx OCD and bipolar. I do agree OCD. It's just obvious. 

I want to ask for your help in my symptoms bc if I tell my pdoc here come the meds upon withdrawals upon meds. 

If I watch a movie, I get so into it I research for days about the real life people and story. It consumes me. 

If I hear a beautiful song I start a musical instrument or dream of it.

I saw a beautiful man and talked to him online. It ended in a week. After months I still look up his religion culture etc way too much. It almost gives me anxiety not talking to him about the life there because in a parallel world I want to be there. 

Every time I go on vacation I get so attached I will want to either learn the language and become friends forever or live there part time. I know it's ridiculous but at the time it doesn't feel that way. 


I just want to watch a movie, go on vacation, or have friends without becoming one with them/it

What dx  is this?

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We can't really diagnose anyone on here, I'm afraid. Is there any way to talk to someone (even a GP) about these feelings? They seem very intense. Is the reason you posted in the PD forum because you are wondering if you have a personality disorder? No judgement, just asking 

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Do you think your pdoc will not respect your concerns? It might be worth bringing it up with them

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