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I apologize if this is in the wrong category- I couldn’t find anywhere else to post this.


Anyway, my mom is taking Aricept (Donepazil) for early dementia. She has been having horrible, awful dreams that are waking her up throughout the night since starting Aricept. She was taking 5mg but it had absolutely no effect on her so her doctor bumped her up to 10mg. Are there any alternative medications that we could ask her doctor about? She would definitely like to discontinue this medication ASAP but I made her promise me that she wouldn’t stop or change anything without talking to her doctor. Does anyone know of a similar medication that maybe doesn’t cause so much nightmares or anxiety? Thanks. 


Edit: My Mom also takes 20mg of Prozac (Fluoxetine) every morning and has taken the exact same dosage of Prozac for 20 years.

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Thank you for your query, JoJoNNy924.  Unfortunately CrazyBoards is a first person site, which means we do not and cannot cater for the friends and family of people suffering from mental health issues. 


For more information on this policy, and for suggestions on other places you might seek assistance, read the thread entitled Please read this if you are here on behalf of a friend or loved one (click on the link).


You're more than welcome to talk about how your mom's experiences affect you in Family Feud.


Your original post is now going to be locked in keeping with our policy.  If you have any further questions, feel free to contact a moderator or administrator. 


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