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Checked BF's phone :(

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Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhh I feel like such a piece of shit.

He went out and left his phone. I checked the received and missed calls. There was this number, it rang him a lot, I'd seen it before (when looking at his phone ARGH..) and I didn't know what it was. I looked at all the calls, he received them maybe once a week. They were all so quick..a few seconds each, was it an "I'm outside!" "Come up, baby." type of phone call? so many calls and all so short. I wrote down the number and put the phone down (forgetting to wipe my paw prints off the screen, don't know if he noticed, he tends to keep it clean).

I withheld the number on my phone and rang it.


Deep breath.


It rang out.


Then it occurred to me to go back and look at the time on the phone calls, they were all in the evenings WHILE HE WAS WITH ME??? Why's she ringing him while he's with me? What kind of shameless.... !?

I put the phone back again and sit and stew in my own guilt and fear.

That night he orders a take away for us, his treat. So sweet! We cuddle up to watch TV while we're waiting. His phone rings. Guess who it is.

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The takeout arriving?

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