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I hope this is the right thread for this.

Today we took our kids to an Easter Egg drop. There were sooooooo many people there. We had 5 of our 7 kids with us ranging in ages of 4 year old twins, 10 year old, and two 13 year olds. When the "hunt" started, one of my toddlers disappeared into the crowd. We knew a lot of the people at this church so at first I didn't worry because I knew he would reappear as people moved. 

When he did not, I started to worry. After several minutes I was bawling and trying really hard not to freak out. In one of those moments my perception of everything around me changed. It was....wavy? vagely blurry? It was different. I felt foggy. I don't really know how to better explain it, but nothing felt real (and still does not). 

We did eventually find him, he had wandered off to another age section of eggs.... <3 

I have had this unrealism happen off and on since I was a teenager. It lasted much longer at a time then, but the first time I remember it happening I was around a lot of people then too. I'm categorizing this as a part of my anxiety flaring up. I just feel like I "cracked" if that makes sense. I feel like I am kind of on a precipice of sorts, but I am watching everything that happens from a distance, or through holes in a wall. I am confusing myself trying to explain this lol. 

How do you cope with this?

What does it usually mean for you?

What generally causes it for you?

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Anxiety can absolutely cause dissociation. For me, the easiest way to avoid dissociating is to try to manage the triggers that cause it (be it anxiety, or depression, or whatever). Once I've dissociated I'm basically done for the day (or even the next few days) as it takes me at least a few hours to notice that I've left my brain behind. 

I'm not really sure what you mean by "what does it mean to you?" I don't find it spiritual, if that's what you're getting at. For me it just means that I'm stressed, or scared, or vulnerable, or triggered, or have something else going on.

You could cope with it by grounding, if you can find a grounding method that works for you (this takes some trial and error). I imagine that you could cope with it by taking a rescue med for the anxiety if you have one, too. Meds seem to act faster, and they don't require months of trial and error and practice. Hard to remember to be skillful in the moment, sometimes.

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I agree with WinterRosie that grounding can be helpful when I'm dissociated (though it doesn't help everyone).  There are lots of different things to try.  Most of the time I go for sensory things.  If I have my wallet with me, I'll bring out the card where I wrote on it one that I use most frequently--5 things you can see in the room with you, 4 things you can feel (ex. chair on body), 3 things you can hear right now, 2 things you can smell, and 1 good thing about yourself.

My therapist sent me a list of others when I let her know that I was really out of it.  That includes:

1) splash water on your face

2) sip cold water

3) hold onto a cold can or bottle of soda - feel the coldness and then taste the fizziness

4) ask yourself who you are, where you are, name things around you, comment on sounds

5) feel your clothing on your body and sensations as you move

6) feel chair under you and the weight of your body against it

7) if y9ou can lie down, notice the contact with bed by all body parts

8) hold mug of hot tea--feel warmth and take small sips, noticing the feeling as it goes down

9) walk around and notice each step as you take it

10) step outside/inside and notice a temperature difference or similarity


My apologies if you already know this stuff.  There are dozens more, but those are some of the ones that work better for me.  I generally avoid the more body-related ones because of the nature of some of my trauma stuff, but some people find them easier to remember.

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I have this feeling sometimes too, apart from very good advice that dancesintherain mentioned if I'm with my husband in that kind of situation I always ask him to hug me, and it normally helps. So I would add point 11) touch someone you're with at the moment or ask to touch you.

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Also, since we went in this direction, moving this to the dissociation board.


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    • By Blahblah
      How do you go about most of your days when you're feeling totally ignored, neglected, unloved, lonely, invisible, and useless, like you don't matter to anyone? I can accept that I will always have depression (and the emptiness & struggle that comes with that) that i must (and do) treat, but it is becoming more and more difficult to accept that I don't deeply matter to anyone but the 2 people that gave birth to me (who will soon be gone).
      No one else gives a damn. No one is really truly there for you (especially when the chips are down). This is where much of my suffering comes from and why life often does not seem worth living. Does having "self-love" make up for this pain & isolation? And if so, how do you "love yourself"? I already do millions of "self-care' activities everyday, regular therapy appointments, read too many self-help books, and I still have this crushing pain, emptiness and self-hatred inside.
    • By mikl_pls
      I have tried literally every single benzo except midazolam and Onfi (clobazam) for anxiety and nothing works for me anymore. I have taken antipsychotics before, and the only one that works is trifluoperazine (Stelazine), but my pdoc won't prescribe it for me anymore because of the fear of it causing tardive dyskinesia.
      I'm desperately looking for an alternative, but meanwhile I'm taking a combination of alprazolam (Xanax) 1 mg + chlorpromazine (Thorazine) 25-50 mg as needed for anxiety, which just barely takes the edge off when I have a bad panic attack or that feeling of impending doom, like something bad is going to happen and there's nothing I can do about it.
      I've had a growing interest in meprobamate (Miltown), which I know is not commonly prescribed anymore. I'm curious to see if anyone around here has taken it, and if you would be willing to share your experience with it.
      Thank you in advance!
      Oh, and in b4 "this isn't prescribed anymore because [...]" or "there's probably a reason this isn't prescribed anymore" or "this medicine has been superseded by benzos" etc. etc. I'm well aware of that. I'm desperate enough to be turning to these second- and third-line options.
    • By Blahblah
      Do any of you here successfully function in an "Open work environment"? Seems it's the norm in the workplace now: no cubicles, no offices or privacy. Only a big open area where you are squished by coworkers along long tables 24/7. It is loud, anxiety producing and distractable, especially for introverts with MI like me. Coworkers hear your phone calls, see your computer screen....and supposedly, this "encourages better communication" whatever....
      I used to work at a place set up like this, couldn't hack it. Looking for a new job, but I'm really afraid that all places are like this nowadays and it makes me super anxious. I WISH I could work mainly remote, but it's not a possibility with most roles, or unless you've been at a place for a long time.  (I don't do tech/programming work that can be done remote)
      Would you decline a great job in this environment? Or would you try to negotiate set remote days up front?
    • By Rabidtears
      Since starting Wellbutrin last august i have felt fairly stable as far as my depression goes. I have felt normal and sometimes almost upbeat in a way that did not slip into euphoria. I started taking Ritalin last year or this year due to insurance issues with my nuvigil for narcolepsy. I also had a......traumatic?? life experience where I learned that my husband had cheated on me and may have gotten this girl knocked up. We are trying to work things out, and I've been dealing, but it is hard. It constantly plays through my mind. She is always between us. That had a big triggering effect on me. Since then, back in April, I have been utilizing my support group and working on building myself back up and redefining my reality. It is a lot of work, but I have managed and I am learning to deal with it better.
      Lately though, I have felt my anxiety crawling up. I have also been super emotional. Crying for no obvious reason (in that moment, i will be fine and then something as minor as a sigh can trigger tears). I am aware that wellbutrin can cause issues with anxiety. Mine has always been very high though. Can anxiety cause you to cry like depression does? I'm not saying I'm not depressed right now....Just...I don't even know what I am trying to say or ask. I can't think. My thoughts are so disorganized right now. I did have two cups of coffee this morning..
      One day I'll be perfectly fine and stable. The next day I may be overly emotional. The next day I may be good again. The next,awful or bad. I started keeping a mood chart about a month ago and it looks like an active seismograph! From day to day I cannot say how I might feel. To my knowledge I have not been diagnosed with rapid cycling anything, but my pdoc is still getting to know me. I was already medicated when I started seeing him with tweaks here and there.
      I've also learned I do not deal well with change. My husband started a new job and works as a mechanic during the day and a tow truck driver on nights and weekends so it feels like he is always gone. It going to take a lot of adjustment and I have not been handling it well.
      I've spent the last year applying for jobs and I cannot get hired anywhere. Part of me is thankful because I"m not sure how I would handle working around people, but a part of me is highly disappointed because I want to work. It feels so controversial. I do not want to just bum around and be completely dependent on anyone, but at the same time I am TERRIFIED of getting into the workforce again. I haven't worked in years because I have been home caring for children. Now, they are all in school and I worry, if I find a job then who will be home with them when they are sick? Who will take them to appointments? Things like that. What if I get a job and I can't control my emotions? I break down or have a very irritable day/s? I stay irritable. I always have. I can fake the happy personality, but I won't excel at my job doing that I don't think. I learn slow. I would once again have to adjust  to something new. I avoid watching most tv, and listening to a lot of music as well as being around most people because I'm worried I'll be triggered into one emotion or another and not be able to pull myself out of it.
      People have asked me more than once why have I not applied for SSI?
      It seems so final I guess. I guess I'm worried that there will be no turning back if I do that. What else am I going to do though? I'm not doing anything currently except for being a money pit. I need to do something to help our household. I feel...what is the word...inept? useless? I'm not sure. I do not even know if my symptoms are uncontrolled enough to qualify if that is a thing. Do you have to be constantly uncontrolled to qualify?
      I am sorry the post was so long. I apologize again for being all over the place. I needed to get all of that out, but I had no idea how.
      I tell everyone that "I am fine."  /sigh
    • By Dewey
      Tonight, a close friend hurt me very very deeply and it was done with intention and mean-spiritedness.  She knew just how to push my button. 
      As a knee-jerk reaction, I cut her off.  I also went so far as to deactivate Facebook, Messenger, I blocked her phone, along with many others, to reach me.  Then I went outside my door where I have a shelf for plants, and moved all of them inside my apartment, took down my wreath on my front door, no more welcoming messages. 
      I am now officially cut off from everyone, and I don't care.
      I call this survival.  People have been maliciously picking at me all month.  Oh and I am keeping my blinds and curtains closed.  I truly want to be left alone, to recover from this trauma, I've had enough in my life. 
      I am starting on new medication and will start therapy on Friday.  I need to draw into myself and take care of myself to protect me from this onslaught of unbelievably mean tenants where I live who seek out to harm.
      I will no longer participate in group activities here.  I will come and go only at night to do my business when everyone is asleep.  I will no longer answer any questions about myself, nor look anyone in the face when I happen to pass by them,n or answer should they reach out to me. 
      I'm done.