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Interesting article on antidepressants focusing on discontinuation syndrome

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The title of the article is "Many People Taking Antidepressants Discover They Cannot Quit" with the blurb, "Long-term use of the medications is surging in the United States, according to an analysis by The Times. One reason: withdrawal symptoms that make it difficult to stop."

I saw this article today too on my phone while waiting to pick up food. Saved it for later and read it just now. For me the more interesting angles in the article are mentioned in passing but not explored. The article is primarily fouced on the withdrawal issue (including mention of brain zaps), while the more interesting stuff (to me) was just touched upon briefly.

There is also this little bit from the middle of the article that I'm glad they acknowledged (but again, don't explore further even though I was quite interested in knowing more about who is this subset of users is and the debate among doctors about the size of the subset):

"Still, it is not at all clear that everyone on an open-ended prescription should come off it. Most doctors agree that a subset of user benefit from a lifetime prescription, but disagree over how large the group is."

https://nyti.ms/2EsK4hZ (permalink)

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Yeah, I found it to be a bit of a "catch-all but not in very much depth" article, but it's interesting that it focuses on that topic.

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