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I'm considering treatment for alcohol. However my fear is that if I'm labeled an addict that I will be cut off from adderall which i use responsibly.  Will I be banned from receiving prescriptions for adderall if I come clean on my  alcohol self-medication?

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 @Bostonian Aspergian, Does your pdoc know you are currently using alcohol to self-medicate?

I think it would depend on the individual pdoc  as to what they would do......But that's just my opinion.

A pdoc might think that using alcohol along with lorazepam and Ambien might be risky as well, but some docs might also think that getting treatment for an alcohol problem would be a positive thing for you to do.

Personally, I think you should seek treatment if you believe your alcohol use is becoming a problem for you, and be honest with your doc about it......Again, just my opinion.

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That's a tough question. As Redhead said, it is really going to depend on your pdoc. Some pdocs view any substance abuse as a bar to being prescribed controlled substances while others differentiate between substances and would think that alcohol abuse is very different from stimulant abuse. You do have going for you the fact that you have never abused your stimulant. I think that will go a long way towards letting your pdoc know that you can be trusted.

I do encourage you to get help with alcohol though. Mixing alcohol and lorazepam is potentially dangerous. 

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