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hello I keep reposting the same stuff but i know two people who suffer from ptsd and i want help

these poeple have had these things happen to them (not both have had them)

sexual abuse

physical abuse

mental abuse 

private information handed out


been with the wrong people


please help me out

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Please refer to my response on your other post, which explains why we cannot assist.

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    • By Milena
      Are there any rape survivors here who are raising sons? 
      How do you juggle: 
      - raising them to be conscientious, respectful, compassionate men
      - not making them ashamed of their bodies, sexuality, or gender
      - not being triggered by them
    • By Milena
      I’ve a question for the hive mind.
      I get different diagnoses depending on who I talk to.
      I definitely have had serious early childhood adverse events, and have been retraumatized as a teen and adult. 
      excessive worry and fear
      Overreactive, esp about marriage 
      Poor sleep
      Inability to concentrate
      When my symptoms are acute, which happens every couple of years, and always in summer, which happens to be an anniversary date, I get:
      Feelings of rushing, or charged
      Irritable & agitated
      Emotionally labile (3 hour crying jags and I never cry)
      Self destructive behavior: sexual promiscuity, suicidal ideation
      Intensely strong sense of fear, heart pounding
      Intrusive alarming thoughts
      Time shifts between past memories and present experience
      Deep sadness
      I have a history of recurrent depression. I have never felt euphoria.
      I have persistent pain, and migraines.
      Those who say I’m bipolar seem to worry about my paresthesias and rushed electric feelings.
      Those who say it’s trauma seem convinced by intrusive thoughts & history.
      it’s important because SSRIs are verboten if you are bipolar but good for trauma, and antipsychotics or lithium do nothing for trauma long term but are good for bipolar disease.
      Has anyone had to navigate competing diagnoses? What did you do about meds?
    • By Blahblah
      Has anyone here come to realize the moments when you are projecting in a relationship? By Projection, I mean the behavior where you do not accept your own thoughts, motivations, desires, and feelings as your own. These "unwanted" feelings or thoughts are dealt with by being projected / placed outside of yourself or attributed to someone else...
      I've noticed (as a chronically depressed, anxious, highly-sensitive person) that I have a habit of often projecting, and misinterpreting other's behavior as critical, unloving, uncaring, angry and disapproving...when in fact, these are the constant ruminations that I have about MYSELF. This is simply how my brain operates in the world. I'm VERY critical of myself (I often see myself as unlovable, unworthy, lazy, too emotional, disorganized, I never do anything right)... Ex: Someone communicates a neutral statement to me, but I over analyze and read into it emotionally, and start feeling and questioning that the person is angry with me or disapproves of me.
      Anyone experience this? How do you de-program your automatic projections?