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Does anyone take a benzo everyday to get through the day?

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i was going to reply to the continuous usage part (i take ativan daily as catatonia preventative and have xanax PRN) because i've done that for years and i've also abruptly discontinued all of my meds loads of times and not suffered withdrawal. i don't recommend doing that as they lower the seizure threshold and if you're prone at all to seizures, or even if not, you can have them if you abruptly discontinue at the amount i take.

but then i saw people saying that they're meds were immediately discontinued when inpatient and that's fucking nuts! that's not been my experience and i've been in the hospital a lot. i think that sounds so backwards. i haven't tried trintellix (i take low-dose zoloft and abilify, but for OCD) but i hope it works. i don't know about the vibrating. can you call a psych nurse to ask?

and finally, the liver question. i do get regular blood tests (for clozaril) and i have quarterly types of other tests. i've never had a bad one and i've taken a lot of meds. i think you'll likely be fine. : ) 

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