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Crushes the things that lift us up or crush us

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Ok let’s get started, so I have a crush on a boy in my year. 

I like him a lot but I can’t find any ways to get close to him. He is normally surrounded by people and I get embarrassed. I also get sad when I haven’t said anything to them at least once a day. Even a small ‘hi’ helps.

The only time they are alone is when they are walking home. I could walk home and walk with him but there’s these problems:

1) My dad picks us up since he is a stay at home dad. By us I mean me and my brother.

2) The way he walks is different to how I would, so I would have to figure out a way but I’m willing too. 

I’m going to try and walk home with him. I’ll use my phone as a map then once we have walked close enough I can say I’ve accidentally went the wrong way. Since it will be random how I’m suddenly walking with him I’ll make sure to say a reason why.

Thank you and does anyone have any advice? 

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    • By X Anime Lover X
      Thank you for taking the time to read
      Let us get straight to it, I have a massive crush on this boy. I know I’m thirteen and I’m definitely not ready to have a boyfriend. Plus I don’t want one... yet.
      But with this boy I like I want moments with him, awkward ones!! Ones I can smile at looking back, the good memories.
      I’m thirteen and live in Australia. I’m in year eight and I’ve liked this boy since year six. In my school there are three classes in each year. So three year five classes. 
      In year five my class was split up into groups for this English book reading. He was in mine. I didn’t know him but when I first saw him talking to the teacher and smiling, all I could think was.
      He’s cute.
      That he was. When year six came I was lucky enough to be put in a class with him. It was a rough year for me, girls I thought were my friends turned it not to be. Through all that he was kind to me, he was a gentleman. I couldn’t help but grow on him.
      At the end of year six for our end of school Christmas assembly I was put to open the doors to the parents, with him. I will never forgot that night, it was one of my best. For the Christmas assembly I had to wear a Hawaiian skirt being our classes theme. Underneath I wore a skort that I had used back when I did gymnastics.
      Our last moment together in year six was when I was running up the stairs to catch him. We had finished helping out the teachers together and he waited for me up top. I was smiling running to him and my skirt separated showing my skort and turned away. He only looked back at me once I had made it to the top. Being a gentleman.
      I then went to Bali leaving school earlier than the rest. I found out from my friend he had danced with another girl at the year six dance. I was gutted. I told myself I wouldn’t like him and that was that. Or so I thought...
      When year seven came I was moved into high school. (By Australian School Law)
      Our school had the high school and primary school joined so everyone I knew was still there. I made new friends and the year wasn’t that memorable. I got a crush on a different boy but it passed quickly as he was a jerk.
      Then at the end of the year I went to the primary school Christmas assembly. My brother was in it and I sat next to my mum ready to watch him shine. Then I saw him. He walked in and I couldn’t take my eyes of him. I took the liberty to point him out to my mum. 
      When the assembly was over we went to my brothers classroom to wait for him to be let out. I saw him standing there with his friend. He did the peace sign from Star Trek at me. I didn’t know how to do it so I did the classic peace sign back. Even with our distance he shouted over at me,
      ”Why aren’t you doing it?” 
      “I can’t!” Was what I replied.
      One of the boys parents in my brothers class began talking to my mum so I moved away trying to look through the window like other siblings were. He then walked over to me. I have an awful memory but we talked for awhile and I brought up my friend who was a boy and he said something along the lines of,
      ”Yeah that’s true but he can be very annoying.”
      Looking back on it he was jealous, it was in his tone. I nodded along agreeing getting his view, then I had to leave. On the way to the car my mum insisted he liked me. When I got home I jumped on my bed screaming, 
      The feelings never left. 
      Now I’m in year eight. He knows I like him, but I haven’t told him. My friend found out from his sister that one day he had come home and said 
      “I think (my name) likes me!”
      So who knows now. I make my feelings obvious in my perspective. I’m awkward and I blush easily but I try. I get mixed signals from him all the time. One minute I think he likes me the next I think he doesn’t. Any advice?
      Of of three situations when I’ve said one sentence to him he stares at me. In my eyes and only when I look away does he reply. 
      But then when I was walking next to him and starting a conversation he replied and walked ahead of me. (I did ask him what he thought of an activity at school though and a friend said no boy would want to talk about school)
      So... any advice? 
      I have so many people cheering me on but I just am so stuck on what he thinks.
    • By SeeingClearly
    • By SeeingClearly
      Hello, I just joined, so I apologize if this has been talked about before... it took me a decent while to find a forum online I felt comfortable being a part of. I must admit, the swear words in your writing made me feel right at home haha Anywho, the idea of having this forum accessible from an easy to use application would be amazing! That way, when we are on the go, it may be easier to flow through the app and respond to others. Just a thought. And of course, I’m a bit manic today, so I just had to let you know
    • By InkBlot2771
      Hi there!
      Recently a new girl has started work, and I've taken a liking to her.
      The trouble with this is that I've walled myself off from other people for around 7 years. I've been managing to deal with my illness by not talking to other people, not having friends, not having a partner.
      I wasn't looking for anything with this new girl, but unfortunately, my body has had other ideas. I've been hit by a wave of emotions for her that I'm just not able to deal with. What makes it worse is that she's been seeing a guy for 14 years and there's no chance that we will ever get together. I think that she was attracted to me when we first started talking; I don't think that she would want to go out with me still, but life isn't black and white. I was flattered that she was like this, but I didn't push the issue, I knew how things were.
      On the mood scale chart that I keep seeing everywhere, I'm normally between 5-8. Since this has all started. Since her turning me down, I'm now between 2-5 most of the time, I think I've dipped down to 1 twice in the last couple of months.
      With my mood being all over the place, it is becoming more difficult to talk to her and I think she's pushing me away now; I can see things from her perspective and I can't blame her.
      Recently, she's been smiling at someone else in the office that isn't me and I'm having difficulty with it. It all feels so stupid, but I've now let someone have too much power over me and it is keeping my mood low.
      I don't know how to get out of this. I'm worried that if it continues I will need to take time off work and if that happens I might lose my job, my house, etc.
      I need help!
      Does anyone have any suggestions for how I can move on more quickly?
      Has anyone dealt with similar issues?