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Not quite sure if it's major depression or bipolar

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OK, this is one of probably a few thousand "here's my symptoms what do you guys think" topics on this forum.  Sorry, I just keep thinking about this too much and would like to see what people with first hand experience think.

My current diagnosis is major depressive disorder, and the depression is indeed major.  No doubt.  Started at age 15 and lasted on and off for about 7-8 years, then oddly went away for about 12 years.  It came back a year and a half ago (at age 37) with a vengence.  Like I was hit by a truck.  In two months I went from loving life to abusing drugs daily to relieve the mental pain (I had never even tried an illicit drug before then) and had decided to end my life.  My suicide was all planned but I started having suicidal impulses I couldn't control and was able to finally get help (this is the first time I had ever sought treatment for mental health).

In the last year and a half meds and therapy have been working well.  During the last few months I have had fairly regular cycles of depression.  I'll be "normal" for about three weeks and then have about a week of depression.  It's nice knowing that when it hits, it will likely be gone in a week.

Here's what got interesting.  About two months ago, I was day three into a depression cycle and it was probably the worst day of depression EVER.  I wrote a suicide note and decided that night I was going to do it.  But at about 4pm, over the course of about an hour, I went from that to a very heightened elated state.  Just like that.  The heightened state was nothing like I had ever experienced.  I felt amped up, like having constant adrenaline.  I loved on my family more and did all sorts of projects and built things.  I was on top of the world, and it felt great!  It lasted for four days, and then I went back to "normal."  Bummer.  A few weeks later, it happened again for five days, but it wasn't as pronounced.  But I could definitely tell when it hit.  Hard to describe, something between anxiousness and adrenaline.  It wasn't too extreme, but very distinct.  Both times I felt it immediately when it came.  Both times it ended when I woke up the next day and the feeling was gone.

I did not have trouble sleeping at all (but I am on a med that makes me sleepy).  I figeted a lot (moved my fingers, bounced my legs, etc.).  I talked maybe a little more than normal.  I did go on a spending spree the second time, but I was due for new clothes anyway (maybe not the $300 boots though...).  I just think that outwardly I didn't seem that off, but my wife did notice a difference the first time it happened.  I read stories about hypomania, and I wonder if that's really what happended to me.  I didn't experience symptoms as extreme as most people seem to experience.

Also note:  meds are wellbutrin, remeron, and depakote (started two weeks before the first "up" episode).

So the million dollar question is... bipolar II?  I'm seeing my pdoc in a couple weeks.  I just don't want to go in all self-diagnosed and look like a fool.  My wife thinks I'm overreacting a bit.  I don't want to be bipolar... well, I don't want to be manic.  If what I had was hypomania, I'm fine with that.  It was great!  My concern is that if I'm bipolar, I need to know so I get proper treatment to prevent a manic episode in the future.  Maybe the two "up" periods are all I will ever have.  Or maybe they weren't really up at all, and were just good moods.

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Sounds like a textbook case of "just worry about giving the doc the whole picture and let him make the Dx" there can be some grey area there...it's so much better to treat the symptoms and let the Dx fall into place. That said there is something called BP NOS- or even MOOD D/o NOS- which opens up more options treatment wise without pigeonholing too much 

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Seconding @Iceberg

lay it all out. Have the pdoc treat the symptoms. Labels are just loose associations. Tons of grey areas in psychiatry 

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