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Sorry for the vague thread title, but it's so hard to find accurate information on what, specifically, having depersonalization, derealization, or dissociation actually feels like to the person.

A lot of times, I think I feel disconnected from my body. However, I don't feel any of the things I see listed online. It feels like I am just my brain in my head, and not that I am also my body, if you get what I mean. Like...I get that this arm is mine, in that it's a part of my body...but when I look at it, it's just an arm -- it's not MY arm. Does this make any sense? I feel like people look at their body as an extension of their self, but to me they are two separate things. And if so, is this one of the things discussed on this board, or is just some weird unrelated thing? The problem is, if I start talking about it or noticing it (like right now) I start to panic, so now I'm going to stop talking about it because I can literally feel myself slowly sinking into freaking the shit out.

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Hi, yeah it makes sense for the most part. I've experienced something similar. How often do you experience that experience? And if you are experiencing it now. Something to help. Repeat the word "Interesting"

Try.... Noting to yourself that you are just gonna try out answering my question. (How often do you experience that?) And keep the word "Interesting" in your mind. "That's Interesting" your "freaking the shit out" starts to creep in.... "That's interesting how that panic is coming upon me" "huh... that's interesting that my chest is constricting-cold-tight-flashing" "that's interesting that my eyes looked at my arm just now" -back to reading/typing a response- (how often do I experience the brain arm/body disconnect? Non-stop all day?) "Op. that's interesting a panicked screaming thought came up" (whatever comes..... whatever happens....) "Interesting" "hm. Interesting." This is not intended to cure or stop the panic. But instead... Allow it. "You don't understand!" "No I can't allow it!" "If I allow it! It will never go away!! And I will be trapped in it forever!" ------ say to that type of feeling or thought "That is not necessarily true." It IS horrible!!!!! IT IS unbearable!!!!!.... AND you are experiencing it. "That's interesting how horrible this is" tell yourself, "I hear you." "I recognize you" "I will never leave you" and keep those phrases going over and over. ......(Hi Censer.. How often do you experience that brain body disconnect/side by side internally/out of body/not related to/forgein body experience?) Feel free to answer or not. I may not be on here for a while again. -another couple of possible help notes=medications can both cause that experience... and help it go away. Also Dialectical Behavioral Therapy is an amazing treatment, ask a therapist/try to find someone who knows it. It treats pretty much everything. And if you feel like trying them... some good meditations (YouTube)- "Eckhart Tolle" "The honest Guys"

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