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Starting 2mg MethylFolate - but my vitamin already has 800mg Folic Acid??

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Question...My daily mutivitamin has 800mg Folic Acid. I wanted to start taking optimized Folate (just as a test) to see if it has a beneficial effect. Docs here do not do the gene mutation testing. Other problem, I'm in Europe where supplements are HIGHLY regulated. I can only purchase optimized Folate which contains only 1,000 Micrograms (equal to 1mg) which I worry might be useless!!

I've read most people take 10-15mg of MethylFolate daily. What should I do here? Is it bad to combine the 1mg Folate to the 800mg of Folic Acid that I already take? Perhaps I should just wait until I go to the US, and I can easily purchase/ship exactly the dose I want?

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Hi BlahBlah,

The multivitamin I take has 400mcg of folic acid (labeled 100% RDA) and adding 15mg of l-methylfolate has been nothing but beneficial.  I'm not a doctor but I believe that any excess B vitamin will be cleared in urine.  I'm not sure you're going to see much response using only 1mg...the therapeutic dose seems to be between 7.5 and 15mg.  I wish there was an easy OTC solution for you there.

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Thanks! I will see what I can get shipped here that won't cost an arm + leg for shipping & VAT costs. Then in the US, I'll pick up loads of the good stuff.

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Do you still have that Amazon link I posted?

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