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Cbd oil brand recommendations

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Could you post links to what cbd oil brands have worked for you?  I have looked online and on Amazon and I am lost.  There are just so many products out there.  I also read on some of the Q&A sections on Amazon that some of the hemp oils don't even have cbd oil in them.  Plus some of the brands seem to be a lot of hype and marketing with really high prices. 

I am just looking for something to help my glaucoma and muscle and joint pain.  I would also like to get it for my Mom who suffers from chronic pain and neuropathy due to arthritis. 

Thanks in advance.. 

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I buy a brand called love CBD and lovehemp but only because I wanted a low Mg capsule so I could make sure I was taking a measured dose and tapering up slowly. I tried another one but I just kind of went for it without research, bought it and didn't consider the Mg or anything so all I did was upset my stomach. 

You can buy CBD infused lotion for joint and muscle pain so the risk of an upset stomach goes.

I also recommend CBD gummy bears as they're easy to carry around with you and take discretely. 

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