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What if I told you I don't believe Jesus is the Christ?.


God gave you a conscience. To do right or to do evil. 

Why I said that is because clearly you can sense thru your conscience that something I said was not right. 

That calibrated conscience that is inline with the Holy Spirit would of told you something isn't right. 

If you go to school and you sense something isn't right you feel a little bell go off on your soul. 

One of the clearest indicaters to see is that God gave you a bell to ring when things aren't right. 

Your conscience can become broken. Calling evil good and good evil. 

That's what sin does to the heart. It breaks the Ten commandments tablet over your heart. It can be seared as with a hot iron. 

For me to say with all who know me here that I don't believe in Jesus should of dinged your conscience the Holy Spirit that something isn't right. 

We knew before we even thought that murder was wrong that is was wrong. Who in the world put that there if your are an atheist and don't believe any of the simple truths that there is a God of Moral Laws. 

Please consider that you have been given this life, what makes you think you wouldn't have another. 

To clear up confusion only the wise will be able to discern what I was trying to say. 

Jesus is the Son of God. 

I was showing you the simple proof that there is a God.


Im not preaching. It’s theology!!

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Jesus is my strength, my stronghold, my friend, my savior. He has taken what satan meant for harm and worked it out for my good. Every bad circumstance or situation worked out for my good. I am a better person because of Him. You may or may not believe in Him, but I do, and it's important to me, however, I accept people for who they are and where they're at in the journey of life. All lives matter. <3

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I wasn’t saying I don’t believe. I was testing y’alls. conscience!!!

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3 hours ago, sonicwhite said:

Who put your conscience there if there isn’t a Supreme Being with Moral Laws?

Sonic, I could answer you, but these forums are not really a place for heated debate, and I don't want to damage your faith. I'm happy that you find solace in your religion and that it gets you through the day. I am agnostic and that gets me through my day. Different strokes for different folks. 

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