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Help and advice for going back to college after 10 years (6 credits away)

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So I emailed my old college admissions office about possibly returning to college to finish up my degree. I had some questions. 

I would get the online Bachelor of General Studies degree since English Lit. isn’t offered online and I’m lacking English classes. On distance learning page it says 120 credits to graduate, while on the academic catalog for the on campus classes it states 125 classes to graduate. Please let it be 120 credits since it’s online, and perhaps it somehow differs? 

I have 114 credits currently, so I’m close. So that’s just 2 more three credit classes (if 120 credits is correct). I would take the self paced online ones so I’d have 9 months to complete one course at a time. I’d register with the disability office. 

I also need 2 upper level courses so I found 2 I’d be interested in. Communication in society and American Western History. Both 300 level classes. Perfecto! Both have zero proctored exams which is what I was looking for.

And it’s $300 per credit. So it would cost $1,800 to finish my bachelor degree (I guess not counting textbooks)! Wonderful! It would have to be without student loans so I’d have to save up and apply for scholarships. I can’t take out loans due to my federal loan forgiveness. And I’d have to double check with the financial specialist at the county clinic that this wouldn’t screw up my loan forgiveness status. But I think I want this as my life goal! And if clozapine goes well maybe I can work and I’ll have SO many more options with a bachelor’s degree. I can do something non retail actually! Exciting! Because I’ve done my share of retail work and it’s so stressful and I dislike it. 

Am I wasting money and time? Will I never be able to work anyway? Will this hurt my SSDI and I’ll lose it? Is this too big of a goal?

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Make sure you take advantage of the right, via the ADA, you have to accommodations for your disability. The one accommodation I used the most was more time for tests. If you are going to a public school the bigger the school the more services, like someone to take notes for you. It is different with private schools as they are not held to the ADA. They will, no doubt, offer some kind of service to the disabled students.

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