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  2. Yes, it’s on the list of possible substitutes, but I’m leaning against it because we were able to remove it so easily. That makes me question what it was adding. thanks Will—I’m frustrated that I may have to go off lithium, but I’m trying to not resign myself to that.
  3. Yes, twice. The second time I got hallucinations when I raised it to 250mg but not before that. I was on way too much medication, so it got cut without causing any problems.
  4. Well, I'm sorry the reduced dosage didn't work. But at least the issue is identified and you're being followed by a nephrologist as part of your care team. I think that's super important. I'm in the same boat. I feel that I have been less stable since lithium discontinuance but I'm hopeful a depakote and lamictal combo will help.
  5. So we've learned through experimentation (isn't that fun?) that lowering the lithium to 600mg without adding something new is not enough. I started having pretty intense low mood w/ accompanying dysphoria, loss of interest in things, and difficulty with work. It was only 150mg, so I didn't think it would do that much. It was also still at a 0.6 level, so technically therapeutic. But apparently not good enough for me. I'm back on 750mg with a plan to see a nephrologist 12/15. I'm hoping that she won't say I have to come off the lithium, but if she does, I'm going to have to start on something else.
  6. If I recall, beans haven't been mentioned, but they can help constipation as well........I'm a vegetarian, so I do eat a good amount of beans..... Also, if you like rice, try to eat brown rice, not white rice.....Brown rice has a lot more fiber than white.
  7. Thank you Cerberus, I appreciate you the time you took to consider this post. The voices I have are consistent with having bad neighbors in your life who continually take things from your psyche. For example if I were to have another imaginary friend, they could think they could take them and I would be distressed because some of these voices are helpful- but stepping away from that you can see I am in a unhealthy loop of talking heads. Reacting like real people, these voices can showcase a taste of adherence and bad negliance of the human conscious or emotions I carry. Some of them could be considered tulpas, but going back to these voices is like repeating a bad episode. Everyday I see images, and they repeat and abuse this part of my psyce. With each little word I write and narration of the mindvoice, they are almost in immediate acceptance... It is like I grew a third head that is a collect mindgrave that repeats everything. The power they grow from is attention seeking, and I can ignore all the images they throw at me or ignore all the voices negative attention.
  8. Lil’Belittlement - To my knowledge, this is the first time we’ve ever had a member ask a question regarding tulpamancy, so you may not get much feedback on it specifically. We simply don’t have that many adherents to Tibetan mysticism and its offshoots. In general, Crazyboards is a science-driven forum, so we approach conditions of the human mind as states of normal function versus medical/psychological pathology. Although some of us, myself included, believe that valid scientific inquiry requires that an open mind be kept to every possibility, we most often look to alternate explanations for paranormal/metaphysical phenomena rather than taking them at face value. From my limited understanding of tulpamancy, your results in producing highly negative and distressing personalities that you now have to cope with is not the intended result; many tulpamancers conjure imaginary personas with in a constructive way to positively cope with various life issues. Indeed, some experts studying tulpamancers have suggested that the voices they hear in their minds are not a sign of pathology at all, because pathology is defined by distress. You, however, are in distress, and your depression is a result of, rather than the cause of, the issue with the voices. Although you do not list schizophrenia among your diagnoses, I am going to move your topic to the Schizophrenia board. This is not to suggest that you are schizophrenic - no one here is qualified to deliver any kind of diagnosis - but rather to put your question in front of more readers who may be able to relate. While our members dealing with schizophrenia may not be tulpamancers, they definitely know a thing or three about coping with negative voices in your head.
  9. Anybody got ocd from risperidone ? Is SSRIs helping you for it ? I cant cope with my clozapine induced ocd anymore and the sedation and weight gain which comes with it. I am thinking about switching to risperidone from clozapine.
  10. I’m going to dissent on the coffee. The caffeine in coffee does act to stimulate the muscles in the lower bowel to produce a movement, but coffee also acts to dehydrate you, which is the opposite of what you need for long-haul bowel health. More fiber, yes, but not all fiber is equal. You’re looking for insoluble fiber, such as is found in whole grain foods, root vegetables, celery, cucumbers, nuts and seeds. The most tailor-made source of this for your specific problem is Metamucil. A spoon or two of it, taken with a full cup of water, generally produced a movement within 12 to 72 hours. The key with Metamucil (and no, I’m not being paid to advertise, I just use it) is to use it on a regular basis to keep things moving once you get them started. For acute distress, you can always try an over-the-counter stool softener or a laxative, or even castor oil, but you don’t want to make a habit of any of these, especially with med-induced constipation. These are medications, too, and have downsides of their own. If your constipation is being caused by your MI meds and this has been going on for a while, or looks like a side effect that has set in for the duration, it’s probably worth a discussion with your pdoc. Remember, our mantra here is: Which Sucks Less? If your MI meds start causing suckage worse than your MI, it might be necessary to try a different med that doesn’t clog up the works.
  11. I second coffee, very dark roast, ideally. I also take fiber capsules. One can tire of prunes.
  12. Ye gods: this is awful, especially during the Feeding Season (aka The Holidays). Does anyone have anyone have advice on how to combat med-induced constipation? I'm in the process of switching over from one US state to another, so my ALL of my doctors are gone for the moment. What I am doing: drinking lots of water (trying to get 2 gallons/day of just water, not including all the other liquids (like tea, coffee, cola, from food)); walking for exercise when not in pain (sometimes that's only 10 or 15 minutes/day and sometimes it's 45 minutes/day); eating prunes (love them!); increasing fiber in diet and reducing fried/processed foods as much as possible (rather difficult in present situation but I'm maximizing what I can where I can). So what else can I do, folksies?
  13. I need a beefy anti-psychotic too...I tend very heavily to psychotic stuff. It's been good on Zyprexa, so far (9 months in) so I'm hesitant to change it, but I also don't want him to say 'Oh, up it to 30mg' because I went from 20mg (for psychosis) to 25mg because of breakthrough depression. Though I barely slept last night, even with Ativan, and was angry for awhile, so it is entirely possible I'm switching to mixed. We shall see.
  14. Guilty?/Secret? Pleasure #47: watching/listening to drum covers on youtube, especially Ginger Baker's work ("Sunshine of Your Love") and Kansas' "Wayward Son."

    1. yarnandcats


      There's just something primal about beating the Hell out of drums and making the sounds sensical at the same time. And yes, I play several instruments, just not the drums.

  15. Psychosis is the major factor for me. It was weird that I had never heard of clozapine for bipolar, despite it being around forever, until within the last couple years hearing a presentation by a pdoc from Mayo during which he talked about its effectiveness for refractory psychosis in bipolar disorder. I don't seem to gain much weight on anything including typicals when I first started at this "back in the day" (haldol, mellaril, thorazine, lidone, you name it), including depakote, but I haven't tried clozapine. Granted, it all comes down to individual reactions. One thing that deters me from clozapine is my cursory looking around the web indicated that it might worsen OCD, which is something which causes me intermittent problems. It does appear to be indicated for depression which is jarn's issue.
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  17. I also gained a lot of weight on it and I hadn't really gained much weight on the other APs
  18. That doesn’t seem like a hijack to me. RE: sedation. It depends. For me low does clozapine was about as sedating as high dose olanzapine. Higher dose clozaril (400 mg) forget it, I had trouble going up steps. And yes that’s usually what dirty means. I think that whether it gets recommended also depends a lot on symptom profile. I think that pdocs are mor likely to use it when psychosis is a major factor.
  19. I felt similarly when I was your age, except I didn't think I'd make it to my 20s. I'm in my 30s now and obviously still dealing with depression, but I have a pretty good life and a lovely family that I am happy and grateful for much of the time. It sounds like your medication may not be doing the best it could. It's hard to advocate for yourself when you're depressed, but can you talk to your pdoc about how you feel?
  20. There's a lot of praise on this site for clozapine. It's never been recommended to me, and I suppose that's due to the potential side effects. When you say it is "dirty" (in another thread), I assume you mean it affects more neurotransmitters. Is it significantly more sedating than olanzapine? Not trying to hijack the thread. Hopefully these are relevant remarks.
  21. Clozapine is a massive pain in the ass at times, but it helped both my manic and depressed symptoms way more than zyprexa
  22. Clozapine has been a miracle drug for me. It helped with both mood and psychosis. The blood draws are a pain, but for me they are worth it.
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