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  2. It’s bad. My concern would be that even if you improve depression-related fatigue it would just be replaced with med induced fatigue
  3. Many people go through this, it's not objectively all that "crazy." It may sound subjectively "crazy" to you personally, but it is something that many people do, so it's not that unusual, really. It may just be that it's peculiar to you personally because (I'm taking guesses in the dark here) maybe these thoughts are new to you?
  4. I’ve been thinking about jt because it’s been almost a year. It was in the news that someone in Florida got brain-eating amoeba and I remember it came up in the question thread that both of us were terrified if we swam in fresh water lakes we’d get brain amoeba. Random amusing factoid to remember about someone. Anyway, I miss jt. He was always really kind to me.
  5. You're right about that. Having never taken it before, I don't know how insurmountable it can be at any dose, even 12.5 mg.
  6. Perhaps, for you, rather than coprolalia, you suffer from apololalia, in which you utter sudden and uncontrollable apologies at frequent intervals.
  7. I'm pre-diabetic, and it's well under control, so I shouldn't have anything to worry about (yet). When I become diabetic, it will be type 2, and it's definitely a matter of when, not if. You're like my brother... You got lucky... lol
  8. Not currently. I’ve got quarantine hair. Do you like ferris wheels?
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  10. Thank you mikl! I didn’t know that! I sure wish my GP would get back to me. Hopefully tomorrow. Oh mylanta. Seizures? No thank you. That would be awful.
  11. Thank you for sharing! Good luck with your next appointment and lab draws! I hope you won’t need synthroid anymore. That would be nice! I didn’t know you were diabetic. Are you type 2? My mom is type 2 and my grandpa and my brother were type 1. Both my grandpa and my brother have passed away sadly. I somehow manage to evade it even with zyprexa in my system. Anyway, sorry to derail. A messed up thyroid really is no fun at all. And my GP still hasn’t gotten back to me ugh
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  13. I’d be really worried about adding clozaril into a situation when a main symptom is fatigue though.
  14. I'm struggling a bit. Shitty thoughts. I want to cut myself and draw a smiley face with my blood. No I don't. Stop that shit. Is saying this just looking for attention? Poor little me! No this is bullshit. I'm trying not to sound crazy but reading back what I just wrote
  15. I had a bit of a moment there. I hope you don't hate me. I'm not usually such an arsehole. I just have some issues.
  16. True... I have been spoiled by my "classically-trained" pdoc I guess... I think it would be worth it if they were at least allowed a small amount of their stimulant while on Parnate and thus allowed to continue a small amount of the stimulant during the washout. Parnate is pretty magical stuff IME. In case you don't know what this is, @climber47, that is an SNRI + Remeron. The Remeron I would worry might be too sedating for you though is the only thing, even in high doses which are... less sedating than low doses (for most people I should say). But Remeron, especally in combo with an SNRI, is known for bringing people out of the deepest, blackest of depressions. (Just not me—it worsened me by a lot...) Another possible combination that Dr. Ken Gillman really, really likes to use is Zoloft + nortriptyline. It's like a triple reuptake inhibitor-like effect. I did this with Zoloft + desipramine for a good while and enjoyed good benefits from both. Strattera can even be used as the NRI, but beware of the kappa-opioid partial agonist effects of the metabolite, 4-hydroxyatomoxetine, which can not only cause depression but psychosis as well. I see you tried Mirapex, how did that work? What dose did your pdoc take it up to? There're other dopamine agonists: Requip and Neupro more commonly being used in psychiatry, with Parlodel and Dostinex being less used (Dostinex is used more often in psychiatry though to alleviate SSRI-induced sexual dysfunction). I've also heard of low-dose clozapine being used in treatment-resistant depression patients. It's a drug of last resort due to possible serious side effects, but it's worth a shot IMO.
  17. I started with I believe 50 mcg Synthroid based on my levels and increased gradually up to 150 mcg with blood work and consistent checkup visits. That's where I settled. I'm actually technically in hyperthyroid by my TSH levels, which are extremely suppressed, but for some reason my T3 and T4 levels aren't keeping up for whatever reason, so I need the extra Synthroid to supplement. I think it was because I was on Trileptal which lowers T3 and T4 levels. I'm not on that anymore, and I haven't been on Synthroid in months, nor have I had any blood work in that long. I just called my endocrinologist and asked for an appointment because they never called me for my last supposed appointment (I guess 'cause I didn't get the blood work done), and I'm out of both Synthroid and Ozempic (diabetes medicine). We'll see what my thyroid levels are doing now that I'm off of Trileptal. I may not even need Synthroid anymore, though it's nice to have for depression (it classically is used as an augmenting agent for depression, especially bipolar depression, as apparently many bipolar people are also subclinically hypothyroid).
  18. I don't think this has been mentioned yet, but also, very low sodium levels can cause seizures. It was ironically a side effect of Trileptal when I was on it, and was something I was supposed to monitor. I never experienced it to my knowledge, while I was on it anyway. Although lately I am having extremely bad orthostatic hypotension lately. I think it's a side effect of Caplyta, but I could be wrong. It's indeed a documented side effect of Caplyta, but not a prominent side effect or anything according to any literature on the medicine. Just watch out for seizures too while you're watching out for all these other things! lol
  19. I think psych vs. GYN is a tough call but maybe your current doc can help? Worth a try. When I had my premenstrual craziness I didn’t have a pdoc but I can tell you now I have both GYN and pdoc (and FP) and the pdoc won’t deal with anything hormonal. So hoping your FP can meet your needs all around. It would help so hope it happens.
  20. I've been an overall compliant patient for these past 15 years -- never overindulging alcohol, smoking, eating well, trying to sleep well. But one thing I haven't done -- something that comes up in standard advice sheet and AFAIK is well validated by research -- is exercise. Exercise is boring. Jogging is boring, swimming is boring, cardio is boring and I'd rather have the 40-60 minutes I'd waste otherwise. My wife tries to encourage me to do anything. But hey, I'm living the life of the mind. Who can be bothered. Well, in the past ten days I've discovered strength training. What, like bodybuilders? Sort of. By now I'm resigned that if I keep doing this kind of exercise I might get (small, but) noticeable changes in my body and people will tease me about it. But it's great. You can do a serious workout in like 10 minutes time. There's a number of exercises that use only the weight of your body so you don't have to be a gym rat. Push-ups, burpees, ab crunches... I'm very sensitive to the effects of endorphin. If I can be bothered to run for a while with my wife, the high can be seriously euphoric and destabilizing. But this doesn't give me the euphoria. I think I'm mildly satisfied for the rest of the day, but not in an unbalanced way. If you pick up an exercise schedule online (one rep is this + this+ this + that, do that as many times as you can take it), it can be a test of your will that gives you a sense of accomplishment that's hard to find in any other area (work, hobbies, etc.) It's interesting in almost a spiritual sense to "feel your body", inhabit it, if you've always been a head-in-the-clouds type. There's a dharma of push-ups to be discovered by someone. I guess you can start easy if you're depressed (hell, two push-ups is something). This is a guess. In retrospect I was nursing a (mild in intensity but) nasty mixed state, antagonizing people, picking up quarrels with my wife. I think this has been helping me sink a kind of angry pedantic energy. Only now I realize the bad vibes seem to have lifted. There's mixed (as for the relative benefits of strength vs cardio) but abundant evidence on the effectiveness of this stuff for bipolar folk, if you google something appropriate. But this is my anecdote. Maybe there's other people who don't exercise because fuck jogging for half an hour. This could be a good choice.
  21. Hell it felt weird to talk about 'us' English people like I've ever felt like I belong and that there's an 'us'. It did cross my mind about imperialism and if we're so apologetic then how about saying sorry for the potato famine or the Amritsar Massacre. I agree. And I'm only English when it's convenient. Shakespeare, and Churchill saving the free word despite being a racist at heart. I'm plenty critical about this shit. I don't mean to sound defensive or anything because I know you didn't mean it like that and it sounds like I'm taking this far too seriously but I'm not. I am talking about myself and colonialism in a thread which has absolutely fuck all to do with any of that though. Oh my god this shit is genetic! I'm culturally oppressing people and I don't even realise it. I'm sorry Steve. I'm sorry about what we've probably done to your people. Steve. Is that a native american name? It sounds so beautiful and exotic. God I need to calm the fuck down. I'm not trying to insult you Steve and I'm sorry about talking such shit which has nothing to do with your original question.
  22. Thanks but i don't have a gyn right now. I looked for psych providers last night. I don't know. Im scared of seeing a psych and scared not to. Last time i saw a psych i had a bad reaction to a med and missed 2 days of work. My goal is not to miss work. Stressing out. What do you guys think? I think i will give my Pcp a chance to help me. I will be completely honest about my symptoms. Then if she tells me i have to see a psych i will.
  23. I take all my meds together because if I waited for one I’d be sure to forget it. After all, I do have other things to do. On vit D, I take 5,000 units 5 days/week to stay normal but not high. If I quit, I drop down to low normal or below and get very low energy. That seems like a lot but maybe avoiding the sun contributes to that. I’ve had lifelong thyroid issues and do what works for me, only recently did I hear all the rules. Apparently my system works so I’m not changing. Is that bad? I’m just doing good to take everything daily, so unless I really need the rules, well, I wonder how important they are for me. Not that I think everyone should do that, of course.
  24. Yes I easily get leg cramps and in my feet too! Oh no. I do drink water a lot. I don’t know why I’m just always drinking it. I haven’t heard back from my GP yet. I don’t want to be put on a catheter! That sounds awful! Thanks. We don’t have any pickles in the house but I will get some. Or I wonder if sodium water swishing would have the same effect? I hope I don’t gag. It sounds pretty gross lol! But if it helps, it helps.
  25. Thank you for sharing your experience! Yeah, maybe sticking with my endocrinologist is best. Interesting that you take it at night. I always take it AM because my pharmacist said to and said not with other meds but I do anyway. I don’t know. It’s hard with the nuvigil which I need to wake me up. So I can’t wait 2 hours to take that! I don’t know a proper solution. I’ve tried both ways. So I ignore some rules too. I just had a bunch of labs and I do take a multivitamin so I think that my vitamin D should be ok? But it is something I can ask about When I see my dr again for sure. Thanks again!
  26. I have all the symptoms of a non-functional pituitary adenoma and am getting an MRI on Friday. The wait is making me extremely anxious, and I’m having trouble doing things at home and work. Looking for words of wisdom or advice or any experiences with this or similar stuff!
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