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    • Thanks Geek, argh it is stressful. I'll wait to see what they say to me. If they asked me to take a break I'd be ok with that. I don't want it to affect my work. I did have to tell them, since I was asking for time off they needed to know what specifically was the issue. Part of the stress is that I was meant to tell them this on my initial form but didn't, since it's a condition that now affects my work, and that might be a serious problem. I feel like an idiot on top of being stupid. 
    • pretty good, but i have a painful, monster zit brewing on my chin, one of those really red angry ones that doesn't come to a head. i'm grumpy about it. also @jt07, how's it feel to have hit 22,000 posts?  
    • Vistaril maybe if pdoc doesn’t do benzos? 
    • i don't know, but i find myself afraid for the future a lot these days. i'm afraid of how things could get worse. i wonder why it's happening too and all i can blame it on is greed. maybe technology has given us better ways to weaponize greed now, or spread it faster. what was the first place you lived after you moved out from your family home?
    • No. Sometimes I buy postcards and give them away unused as keepsakes though. Why do you think the world is going to hell and why in such a short time? I remember when Bill Clinton was president the world was mostly peaceful and we all had hope for the future. Now even the future of the EU is in question. Now nationalism is gripping the planet.

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