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    • well clozapine is certainly doing its job and so is modafinil. i've experienced on previous occasions of taking modafinil that the effects tend to reduce a bit due to tolerance. i will keep this updated about that aspect as well. 
    • I must have missed that. Good idea! Sorry! 
    • I have - problem is i won’t be very helpful because it was in the summer while I was having other issues... and the number one common summer issue for me is irritability 
    • I've had dreams where I can't move or speak, and I've woken up and been unable to move or speak for a while.  I also had an awake paralysis before I went to sleep where a shadowy figure came at me from across the room and I couldn't move.  I think they are all related to how your brain paralyzes your body so you don't act out your dreams, and those combined with hallucinations that can happen right before you fall asleep or shortly after waking can be terrifying.  But it's all natural byproducts of the body's normal processes, from what I have read.
    • I've tried most all the stimulants (Ritalin, Dexedrine, d-amphetamine, Vyvanse, Adderall, Provigil) and seem to do best on formulations based on d-amphetamine while Provigil, for me, works more on getting me awake but does not lift mood much. Sometimes I use it to start with, not wanting to waste Adderall just to wake up .  Tramadol risks , truely, serotonin syndrome if mixed with some other serotonin affecting meds so I have avoided it. As I am now in long term remission from depression I have not tried ketamine infusions nor ECT.

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