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    • I think you have several  options, actually. You could opt for the psychiatrist option, explain which med caused issues and your concerns, and start any new meds on your Friday. They can likely ramp up your dose slowly and be extra vigilant using (or not using) the class of drugs that caused your last reaction. The vast majority of psychiatrists don't do talk therapy anymore, just medication reviews/changes, so you'll not need to go into any deep, significant detail about past trauma (and let them know you aren't comfortable with it right now). For your own sake, tho, I suggest considering a therapist/social worker/psychologist that DOES offer therapy. Otherwise, you're only treating the symptoms and not the cause of the symptoms. Find one you feel you "click with", and again- let them know that you can discuss trauma when you're ready. Most are very patient and caring, and are there to help you and make you comfortable. No pressure. You can find one near you at www.psychologytoday.com. Finally, I'm sure your pcp would script a few days worth of a benzo (Xanax, valium, etc.) or med of her choice that may patch you through the rough spots for a bit. This is the easiest option in the short run, but again, you'd like to address the likely cause of the symptoms in the big picture. I'm sure whichever option you go with, you'll feel a bit better just getting started!  : )  
    • It’s bad. My concern would be that even if you improve depression-related fatigue it would just be replaced with med induced fatigue 
    • Many people go through this, it's not objectively all that "crazy." It may sound subjectively "crazy" to you personally, but it is something that many people do, so it's not that unusual, really. It may just be that it's peculiar to you personally because (I'm taking guesses in the dark here) maybe these thoughts are new to you?
    • I’ve been thinking about jt because it’s been almost a year. It was in the news that someone in Florida got brain-eating amoeba and I remember it came up in the question thread that both of us were terrified if we swam in fresh water lakes we’d get brain amoeba. Random amusing factoid to remember about someone. Anyway, I miss jt. He was always really kind to me.
    • You're right about that. Having never taken it before, I don't know how insurmountable it can be at any dose, even 12.5 mg.

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