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    • lyrica? remeron? neurontin? trazodone?   also, more likely to induce anhedonia, but clomipramine is sometimes prescribed alongside an ssri/snri, by a very skilled psychopharmacologist to treat ocd. otherwise i think that your best bets are going to be antidepressants and, if you can tolerate them, AAPs.   and who is declining benzodiazepines for all? your doctor? find another one.
    • I was looking at the selection of standard emoticons, and wondering why I find them disturbing, and it occurred to me that they could be symbolic of the many states of MI. For instance: 😬 Generalized Anxiety Disorder 🤭 Obsessive Compulsive Disorder 🥰 Narcissistic Personality Disorder 🤬 Tourette’s Syndrome 🥱 Sleep Disorders 🙃 Bipolar with 🤩 Mania 😐😕🙁☹️😢😟😔😞😑 The stages of Major Depressive Disorder 😶 Autism Spectrum (also possibly 🤖) 😒 Schizophrenia 🤯 PTSD 🤒 Hypochondria 😳 Paranoia 😖 Migraine 🥸 or 🤠 Dissociative Identity Disorder  😡 Anger Management Issues 😨 Psychosis 😇 Delusional thinking 😰 BPD 🥺 Social Phobia 🤡 Coulrophobia (irrational fear of clowns) 💩 The way we feel most of the time Others may occur to you, but I can now no longer see these emojis without thinking crazy thoughts.    
    • SSRI/SNRI monotherapy still leaves me with lots of residual anxiety and ocd. Zyprexa did not work for me. Risperdal did not work for me. I declined haldol oppurtunity due to concerns about worsened anhedonia.....apathy....not like it doesn't make sense due to politics and stuff.... declining benzos for all...  due to it being only  temporary and the remote risk of it being fun... as if that actually negates their therapeutic value...... ...  
    • progress: my psychiatrist did prescribe sonata which i switched directly to last night from lunesta. i was expecting anxiety like right now because of the very short half-lifef, but nope, i'm fine and hopefully i'll remain fine throughout the day and through the weekend. also, no increase in appetite over night and my appetite is still normal right now.   hopefully this goddamn z-drug will be a suitable replacement for lunesta (which i can already tell will)  however, i also hope that the side effect profile is milder than lunesta's and the benefits are more like ambien's.

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