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    • No results for that yet    Had stress EchoCardioGram Friday    Followed by cardiologist going old school with a stethoscope    He referred me for a proper EchoCardioGram. Said that I have a heart murmur. Wrote these clinical notes    I see GP Tuesday. And hopefully he can explain it, without too many lectures on lifestyle     
    • I'm not an expert or anything but I kind of wonder if your self-awareness is skewed towards the negative.  Is it really self-awareness or is it a brain ruminating on the things it dislikes about itself?  The zen mindful sort of people might note that the self is neither good nor bad it is simply the self so if it hurts you are experiencing an emotional reaction not awareness.  
    • Oh I think this was to do with adding a topic when you write a blog post. Seems to work when I write something in there. 
    • Makes sense. Theoretically it’s approved for up to 15 for depression, but I’m not sure if higher doses make the mechanism of action more effective in ocd 
    • I got prescribed it some years ago and the shrink at the time wanted me to start straight on 10mg but back then i had this horrific fear of meds and refused to take it..I know that shrink said i had treatment resistant depression in his words "Thats why you have struggled for so long"  So maybe he wanted to go straight to 10mg because its mechanism of action is different at higher doses??...Anyways i'm just guessing now...This is the reason i want to be prescribed by a shrink..I know General Drs are ok but they are not mental health specialists and Psychiatric meds expecially when its combos and complex mental health Imo needs to be prescribed by an expert .. i know if i went to my general dr my fear of meds would kick in as in my mind i'd see it that they are not experts hence why i've gone down the private road....Saying that i'm hoping if i get on with this shrink i might make it a more long term thing...Even if its to touch base every couple of month...I just get fed up of having to repeat the same story over n over to different pdocs

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