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    • Furious. Fucking fuck shit fuck. Everything is pissing me off
    • "work is a huge part of what makes us human" agree to strongly disagree. I'm so glad you have something in your life which is deeply important to you ❤️ . The idea that work is or should be deeply important to everyone, to their very humanity no less, is what i disagree with.
    • Hi @jarn! I take 20 mg zyprexa in the Zydis melt in your mouth (but not in your hands ) form and it is my miracle med. That’s what a hospital pdoc called it one time while I was IP. I was stupid and got off of it for fear of weight gain and more and I’ve lost so many years because of that. I should have just stayed on it. I have heard that the Zydis form is better for not gaining weight but I don’t know if those are just rumors flying around. I like the Zydis anyway because it hits me very fast when I go to bed and I’m trying to sleep as compared to the pill form. It really is a great med for me. It is the one med I’d pick if I had to choose to be on one med only. It quiets my brain, it lessens my anxiety and irritability, it has prevented mania and I’m able to take an AD even (!) which is major, I believe it has helped with the psychosis because I don’t think abilify or rexulti are doing much for that. But it’s hard to tell I guess for sure. Oh and I’ve been losing weight since coming off a high dose of seroquel and getting on Zyprexa Zydis! So it can be done for sure! Everyone is different but I have been losing weight, slowly but surely! I hope you have great success with zyprexa. It’s a great med for me so I hope it works great for you too. Keep us posted.  
    • I switched from Risperidone to Abilify because of high cholesterol. Turned out it was not the cause. Tried switching back with bad side effects. Changed too quickly probably. It seems that I don't have many options for AAPs. My pdoc and I will have to be creative here.
    • I start as soon as the info gets from the CMHT to my GPs. Which hopefully will be next week sometime. Thanks, you too. 

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